Make yourself a priority in your life
so you can have the energy and passion
to do what you love.


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Ground, Flow, Grow

My Signature one-on-one program to help you get back on track  

This is my signature program, designed to get you from where you are today to a version of you that is re-energized, re-engaged, and re-awakened in your life.

You’ll come away with particular tactics to not only deal with all the annoying and difficult sh*t that crosses your path every day, but also with long-term strategies to incorporate YOU back into your life so that you are making YOURSELF a priority and can stay grounded, flow with the moment, and grow into the person you truly want to be. You’ll be back in control in no time.

You decide our pace, I’ll carry our flow, and together we’ll make magic happen.

How does it work? Simple:

  • 12 50-minute sessions (on the phone) over the course of three months
  • Initial online Energy Index Assessment that will lay the foundation and guide us as to where in your life we need to venture and spend some quality time
  • Understand your current thoughts, motivations, and habits – and learn how to incorporate the good shit and drop the bullshit.
  • Learn how to turn your human-doingness back into human-beingness  
  • We’ll create action plans at each and every session to keep you moving forward and holding you accountable to the changes and goals you’re here to make

Equip yourself with a toolkit that will help you take charge of your life verses feel like life is taking hold of you. This is an experience that will get you “unstuck” and change your whole self for the better.

Questions about coaching? Check out this page devoted entirely to answering your most pressing questions!



A guided, full day of one-on-one grounding and balance to help jumpstart holistic wellness in all aspects of life

Think of your Day as a VIP crash-course in wellness and a blueprint for living in an aligned and awakened way. It’s a day devoted just to getting YOU and your life on track, starting in the morning and lasting until late in the late evening.

Not only will you have me as your personal one-on-one coach for the day, but we’ll dive into the 5 aspects of whole, balanced living – your negative self-talk, the food you eat, the way you move your body, the people & space your surround yourself with and how you renew your energy. We will make sure you immerse yourself in only the things that restore and revitalize your powerful, innermost self to feel fully hydrated from the inside out.

Curious to see a sample day? Check it out HERE.

Not only will your Day feel like a spa day for your spirit, but you’ll come away with full support: we’ll have 3 follow-up calls to help you integrate what you learned, and you’ll have 5 self-care tools to support you keeping the flow going on your own.

If you feel like you need that loving kick-in-the-pants to get you where you want to be, there’s no better option than this! I will lovingly guide you through the “hydration process” and hold your hand every step of the way.

includes the cost of your Day’s hand-picked experiences plus our follow up coaching calls

Walk & Talk

Local to Seattle? Want to get exercise, enjoy the fresh air and feel your best from the inside out?

Call or email me to schedule your next in person 60 minute walk & talk where we get to set your intentions, find your breath and feel your strength in both mind & body.