Working Together to Awaken Your Life

Maybe you have tried making healthy habits a part of your daily routine, but get stuck making them stick. Or you know self-care is important in theory, yet you get caught in the modern world and you become so focused on your job and making other people happy that you forget to fill your own cup first.


Take a deep breath, because I got your back.


I am here to support you getting back in the driver’s seat so that you can have more abundance with your time and energy and feel healthier and more confident than ever before. I will support you putting more joy and ease back into your days by turning your self-care shoulds into actual wants that will stick in the lifestyle YOU want to live.  


I created this system because I know and trust it works.


Back in 2010, I was diagnosed with cancer while I suddenly lost my mother to cancer. I felt so overwhelmed and lost in the heartbreak, instability and chaos of life, that I knew I could either crumble with the overwhelm or rise above it. I chose the latter. I began the journey of awakening myself to my own life. I recognized I have one mind, one body and one life to live--so this is my chance to live my best life. I paid attention to mental self-talk, how I nourished my body with food, what physical movement I added into my routine, the people and environment I wanted to surround myself with and how I enjoyed restoring my energy.  By strengthening these 5 areas of my life, I was able to be my healthiest and most vibrant self. People noticed and commented on my energy and demeanor being different that I was inspired to share these tools and start working 1-1 to awaken people to their own lives.


I am here to support you too feeling your best from the inside out.


Join the revolution of hundreds of other people flipping the script on self-care being selfish and instead recognizing you can make smart choices that will give you more energy to be productive and successful in all areas of your life.


These are all the ways we can work together:

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Awaken Strategy Session 

From overwhelmed to revitalized




It is a 90- minute strategy session where we work together to design a personalized plan to awaken the five areas of your life:

  • Mind- how you mentally treat yourself
  • Fuel- how you fuel and nourish your body
  • Movement- how you intentionally move and be in your body
  • Space- what and who you surround yourself with
  • Renewal- how you restore and renew your energy


All to support you feeling refreshed, re-energized and recharged to take action in life. 


How it works:


The coaching process starts even before we're on the call. I'll send you a Mindful Reflection Self-Assessment to tune in and determine where you're starting from: what's working, and where there's room to design new practices together. I look forward to learning more about you in advance so that I can customize the session to fit your most pressing concerns.


Next, we will have our 90-minute  Awaken Strategy Session where you will leave with 5 personalized strategies based on your goals for each of the categories above, and a customized tracker to log your progress.  I’ll lead you through powerful exercises that will clear some mental clutter and ditch the guilt that holds you back from feeling your best. A sense of spaciousness with your time and energy will actually be a reality because you will no longer feel like there is not enough time in the day to prioritize you.


14 days later, we will have a 30-minute laser focused coaching call to celebrate your momentum and to further support you moving forward for sustainable self-care.


What's included in the journey:

  • Mindful Reflection Self-Assessment

  • Unlimited email & text support in-between our calls

  • Customized meditation to support you centering yourself when self-doubt creeps in

  • Recipes for brain and soul fuel

  • Customize designed care package to celebrate and nourish you


Empowered investment of $497

Ongoing 1-1 Coaching Experience

My Signature one-on-one program to support you feeling good in your own skin & living a life you love.    

This is my signature program, designed to get you from where you are today to a lasting version of you that is re-energized, re-engaged, and re-awakened in your life.


How does it work? 


We will work on a retainer model, which means I am by your side every step of the way.  


You get to schedule up to three powerful and impactful 60-minute coaching sessions a month with unlimited email, text and resource support. When I say resource support I mean I am here to customize assignments, workouts, recipes and meditations just for YOU. Because this journey is all about making you a priority in your own life and I am with you every step of the way.


I’ll walk you through my signature flow:


Vision: What does your ideal day look like? How do you want to feel? Where do you want your life to be in 1-year? 6-months? I am fully committed to you getting clear on what you want in life and how you want to feel so that your voice and vision are being expressed and gifted to the world.


Awareness: What brings you joy? When do you feel your best in your own skin? How do you practice having balance in life? By exploring questions like this, you will heighten your level of awareness so that you can make empowered choices based on your own inner wisdom--not society’s or social media. This is key to setting boundaries and knowing what you want to say hell yes to or no thanks to.


Practices: What rituals and routines support you functioning at your highest level? We’ll get super clear and make sure these activities become game changing daily practices. Along the way, you’ll build your self-care tool-bag and I will share with you strategies and resources that make this work sustainable.


Action: Where do I start? How do I stick with the work? We’ll develop clear action steps for you to take and test at every call so that you are always moving your vision forward. Our coaching relationship will hold you accountable to the process and create a supportive and encouraging environment to make the change you want to see.


Our first session is all about getting clear on your personal vision for life. You will learn what lights you up, what brings you joy and how you want to feel in your own skin. We will ditch the voices of society, your friends or social media and instead, tap into your internal wisdom. Life is too short to not be living your best life in every moment.


Every session you will come away with more awareness, tools in your self-care tool-bag and feel more empowered to take charge of your life.


You decide our pace, 'll carry our flow, and together we'll make magic happen. The power of coaching is so strong that I create this plan with no minimums and you can cancel at any time.





Self-Care Immersion Month

This month is an experiential practice of self-care to take your mind, body, space and energy to the next level. 


We will literally and figuratively will be cleaning and clearing the clutter in your mind/body as well as your home so that you can feel amazing from the inside out and the outside in.  By using my signature Awaken Method as the foundation, we will literally and figuratively clear the congestion and create space for you to feel refreshed, re-energized and recharged. It is all about filling your cup so that you have more energy to give to the world. 

Curious what this looks like? See a sample experience here.  



Awakened communities

Feel connected and empowered by being in community with like-minded people in my two most popular virtual group programs.

My online programs are designed to support busy professionals making space for self-development while surrounding yourself with amazing people. Doing self-development work in community is an impactful way to learn you are not on this journey of life alone. You get to recognize you are human just like everyone else and be inspired how people are living their life and embodying the insights gained on our group calls.