Gratitude Meditation

Do you notice your mind focused on what's not working? What you don't have? How unfair/unlucky you are? Add a dose of gratitude into your life to shift your focus and gaze to what is working, what you can celebrate and where you are fortunate. Allow yourself to live and appreciate from your heart. It will give you more energy and inspiration to live a life you love and see the world with more color and depth. Try it out! 

Protective Bubble of Light

Nervous to see a family member you have a hard time being around? Can't stand the energy of your roommate and need some space? This meditation supports you creating a bubble of light to support toxic energy from entering your sphere. The key is to connect inwards to create your protective layer outwards. Listen in and let me know how this supports you.


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5- Minute Walking Meditation

To meditate doesn't necessarily mean you have to be sitting or lying down. Instead, you can practice walking mindfully as a tool to help you slow down your internal and external pace. When you walk mindfully, you create space to connect to your body, your breath and the environment around you. This practice is an awesome tool to use during your lunch breaks, in between meetings or even after a bathroom break before you head back to your desk. Sometimes moving your body is the perfect tool to help release energy and create focus.