Compassion Meditation

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." - Dalai Lama


We live in a "suck it up" culture where we are told it's not ok to feel or experience our pain or sadness. There is this belief we have to hide it or push it away from bubbling to the surface because it isn't pretty or polite. For instance, we typically don't allow ourselves to experience heartbreak from a breakup, morn the loss of a loved one, heal a physical injury or even nurse a bruised ego. Practicing compassion is a huge act of self-love and kindness and the key to healing so that we can be happy and healthy. This meditation is designed to help you honor your emotions and sensations and give yourself a big dose of compassion.

Wedding Day Meditation

For all the brides and grooms out there (or however you like to identify yourself), this meditation is specifically for you. There is so much preparation and planning that goes into your wedding day celebration that it is important to be as present as you can to full receive and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Try to take 10-minutes for yourself before all of the wedding day prep begins and connect to yourself. This will make walking down the aisle so much sweeter.

Ocean Meditation

Do you feel a sense of ease when you are at the beach by the ocean? Me too! When I was in Tulum, Mexico this meditation was my inspiration to feel the flow and ease of the ocean within my body. It supported me staying present and detached from sticky thoughts or emotions. It helped me feel more fluid and the ability to release control and just be present. 


I hope you enjoy! Feel free to share with me your thoughts or experiences here. 

Movement Meditation

Sometimes we must physically move our bodies to process emotions or discover something new about ourselves. Add this movement meditation into your practice and discover what happens when you let your body lead and your mind follow. 

This movement meditation is inspired by the work of my mentor, Krista Petty Raimer in her Grace experiential workshop. Discover more about her work here:https://boldlyembodylife.com/grace/


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Mountain Meditation

Try this meditation if you are managing anxiety, faced with an life interruptions (big or small) or you feel like you spend too much time in your head. This meditation will offer you a chance to come into your body and feel how rooted and strong you truly are. 

This is one of my personal favorite meditations to support me grounding when life feel chaotic. I have always loved mountains, but this meditation helps build a whole new layer of inspiration. When practicing this visualization, I am able to feel my own inner strength and presence. I am able to stand tall with my heart open, wide and ready to witness all that life has to offer.

Love & Kindness Meditation

This meditation is influenced by Jon Kabat Zinn' s Love & Kindness meditation. The more formal metta practice (compassion practice) typically starts off by giving love and kindness to yourself first before spreading it. However, this guided meditation takes a slightly different approach.

A lot of the time there is a pattern that people struggle to give love and kindness to themselves and find it easier to share that warmth with others. During this meditation, you will experience your heart open as you share love and kindness with others and let that be a gateway to foster love and kindness for yourself. 

This meditation becomes a reminder that sometimes we must give what we would like to receive. 


Holiday Mantra

Be prepared for the holidays by equipping yourself with a holiday mantra. Pull this out at any point when you need a moment to decompress, refocus your attention and create some ease. Remember, what you cultivate is what you create. Let your mantra support you creating the good sh*t so you don't have to worry about the bullsh*t.

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Holiday Travel 5-Minute Meditation

Tis the season for travel. The perfect opportunity to practice staying centered when we can't control various variables of weather delays, lines, crowds or traffic. Practice this 5-minute centered meditation to support you loosening your grip of control and enjoying the journey without the headache or extra frustration.

In the end, life is in this moment so why wait to feel happier when you can choose this moment. 

Managing Difficult Emotions

Due to the current political and social climate, there is a lot of instability and anxiety present in our culture. Whether you feel it inside of you, see it on others or just read about it, it is a fact that people are experiencing more anxiety than ever. Instead of dismissing these emotions or numbing out, I welcome you to face them with courage. 

"We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions"- Brené Brown 

Waking Up Meditation

Waking up in the morning can be challenging. Especially as we step into fall and face darker days. Instead of dragging your heels and sleep walking through your routines, enjoy practicing with this 10-minute morning meditation to support your mind, body and breath wake up to the gift that life truly is. With every conscious breath you will feel more awake, connected and grateful for the life you get to live in this moment. 

City Sound Meditation

Think a noisy environment is the wrong place to meditate? Guess again! Wherever you go and wherever you are is the perfect place and space to meditate--even if cars are honking or people are yelling. During this meditation you will learn how to use the noise of your external environment to support you tuning deeper into your internal environment. This was one of my favorite meditations to practice while living in New York City. 

Intuition Meditation

Tap into your inner knowing and wisdom by giving your 6th chakra a "lick." (You'll get what I mean when you listen to the recording). This 10-minute meditation is just the medicine you need to create some mental space and let your intuition shine. This is the perfect mediation for those moments when you are in paralysis analysis, consumed by self-doubt or have some big questions you are pondering. Create some space and gain some clarity.