Equanimity Meditation

In my mind, equanimity is the key to life. This is a super helpful practice when building a business, in an intimate relationship, during a job search, mourning a loved one or even stepping into stressful or high pressured situations. Equanimity helps us find our center and ground into reality when the "winds" of the world pass through and around us.  

Practicing equanimity is the ability to not cling to extreme emotions or thoughts we constantly face in life. Practicing equanimity prevents us from falling into the extreme spectrum of being reactive or passive. Instead, equanimity is a calmer, more balanced state of mind where we are present, detached and free. Practicing equanimity doesn't change the external event or environment, but instead, it allows us to practice how we respond to it. We can feel more calm, in control and at ease when we breathe equanimity into our mind and body.