City Sound Meditation

Think a noisy environment is the wrong place to meditate? Guess again! Wherever you go and wherever you are is the perfect place and space to meditate--even if cars are honking or people are yelling. During this meditation you will learn how to use the noise of your external environment to support you tuning deeper into your internal environment. This was one of my favorite meditations to practice while living in New York City. 

Intuition Meditation

Tap into your inner knowing and wisdom by giving your 6th chakra a "lick." (You'll get what I mean when you listen to the recording). This 10-minute meditation is just the medicine you need to create some mental space and let your intuition shine. This is the perfect mediation for those moments when you are in paralysis analysis, consumed by self-doubt or have some big questions you are pondering. Create some space and gain some clarity.  

Curiosity Meditation

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity." ~ Einstein

The gift of curiosity begins by connecting to your breath. Connect to the wonder that is your breath and the gift that keeps us living without us needing to do anything!    

Building Inner Confidence

As humans, we sometimes tend to doubt ourselves. We question our worthiness, our skills, our looks and our ability to handle challenging situations. In order to build true confidence, it must come from the inside out. And the key to building confidence is creating a deeper sense of trust from within. During this meditation, I walk you through a powerful mantra to support building and strengthening your inner confidence so that you can handle whatever life throws your way. 

Love & Kindness Healing Body Meditation

Are you healing from a physical, emotional or mental injury? If so, this meditation is all about sending love & kindness to your body and your cells to create an extra boost of healing energy. I love practicing this meditation when I feel anxious about my health or I am recovering from a cold/flu. Consciously sending positive vibes to my body feels like I am giving myself a big hug from the inside out and creates that extra dose of positive energy to help me stay strong.  Try it out and let me know what you feel. 

Check-In Meditation

Check-in with yourself versus checking-out. Tuning into yourself is a great way to gain awareness about what's going on in your mind, body and breath. Listening to yourself on a deeper level is the first step making more conscious choices in your everyday. Checking-in is a great daily habit to build. Start to strengthen those muscles by adding this meditation into your daily flow. 

Equanimity Meditation

In my mind, equanimity is the key to life. This is a super helpful practice when building a business, in an intimate relationship, during a job search, mourning a loved one or even stepping into stressful or high pressured situations. Equanimity helps us find our center and ground into reality when the "winds" of the world pass through and around us.  

Practicing equanimity is the ability to not cling to extreme emotions or thoughts we constantly face in life. Practicing equanimity prevents us from falling into the extreme spectrum of being reactive or passive. Instead, equanimity is a calmer, more balanced state of mind where we are present, detached and free. Practicing equanimity doesn't change the external event or environment, but instead, it allows us to practice how we respond to it. We can feel more calm, in control and at ease when we breathe equanimity into our mind and body.  

Giving & Receiving Meditation

Connect to the qualities of giving & receiving in your breath, body and mind.

Tis the holiday season, a time of giving & receiving. How often do you think about your relationship to these concepts? Sometimes we find one is easier, more pleasant or difficult than the other to practice. Feel me? In order to balance in your ability to give and receive, settle into this 12-minute meditation and explore what comes alive for you. 

Trust Meditation

How much do you trust yourself overall on a scale of 1-10 (1=low and 10= high)? If you are like most people, your answer might be on the lower end. Trust is a foundational pillar that tends to be difficult to embody and live. We have created so many limiting beliefs that prevent us from fully trusting ourselves and each other. In order to be in relationship with others and our world, we must first come to trust ourselves. When we can practice trust, there is an inner sense of confidence and knowing that creates security and order for us to keep doing our thang. Once trust is harnessed within us, it can then ripple into other areas of our lives. 

Let me know how embodying more trust supports you in your life.

10-Minutes Travel Transition Meditation

'Tis the season of travel! In order to support you transitioning through travel with ease, enjoy this 10-minute, guided meditation. Shake off the adrenaline and anxiety of rushing to catch your plane, train, bus or car, and settle into the present moment so that you can show up to your next destination feeling refreshed and centered. This is also the perfect meditation to practice if you find yourself frustrated, nervous or bored due to transportation delays. All of these moments are the perfect time to practice being in the present moment and releasing control of what you cannot control.

Alignment Meditation

Feeling out of balance?  Questioning your values and what's important to you? Listen to this Alignment Meditation to connect to your core values and strengthen your sense of identity. At the end of the meditation, you will have a deeper connection to your body and feel more confident about what you stand for and the choices you make. 

Gratitude Meditation

Do you notice your mind focused on what's not working? What you don't have? How unfair/unlucky you are? Add a dose of gratitude into your life to shift your focus and gaze to what is working, what you can celebrate and where you are fortunate. Allow yourself to live and appreciate from your heart. It will give you more energy and inspiration to live a life you love and see the world with more color and depth. Try it out! 

Protective Bubble of Light

Nervous to see a family member you have a hard time being around? Can't stand the energy of your roommate and need some space? This meditation supports you creating a bubble of light to support toxic energy from entering your sphere. The key is to connect inwards to create your protective layer outwards. Listen in and let me know how this supports you.


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5- Minute Walking Meditation

To meditate doesn't necessarily mean you have to be sitting or lying down. Instead, you can practice walking mindfully as a tool to help you slow down your internal and external pace. When you walk mindfully, you create space to connect to your body, your breath and the environment around you. This practice is an awesome tool to use during your lunch breaks, in between meetings or even after a bathroom break before you head back to your desk. Sometimes moving your body is the perfect tool to help release energy and create focus.