"Wade is fantastic!

I trust and appreciate her down-to-earth, straightforward manner. She's amazing at reading my feelings about what I'm saying, and asking the right questions to get me to the core of what's on my mind. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to utilize her talents as I navigate my patterns of thinking, and become a truer version of myself."

- Cristy O.


"Thank you very much for being such an amazing coach!

The universe brought you into my life at the perfect time and our session lifted me up when I needed a boost of energy. You have a real gift at being a coach your energy is infectious! You taught me that I have so much strength and power within myself to make positive changes in my life. You taught me that a shift in my energy can completely change a situation. And you taught me that living myself and taking care of my myself should be my #1 priority. I am grateful for all I have learned from you."

- Lindsey T.


"Wade has helped me rediscover myself and encouraged me to be present in each and every moment.

I have been working with wade for several months now. During this time she has helped me on my journey of self discovery. Previously I limited myself due to fear, lack of self worth and lack of confidence. I would look at a closed door and see it as a stopping point. Through her encouragement and coaching I now open those doors to discover what is on the other side. My limits were set by a fearful mindset and now I feel limitless. I have become adventurous, more focused on my goals and I am living life like I never have in the past 35 years. I am seeing my life through a new set of eyes, have the curiosity of a child and am embracing every experience with gratitude and appreciation for the life I am living."

- Rebecca R.

After my first call with Wade, I knew I had made the right decision. Wade encouraged me to reassess every situation with a new lens and perspective…and I’ve grown personally and professionally.”
— Laura V.

"Wade has helped me break down the reasons why I've felt blocked

and provided some simple yet powerful tools that I can use to make progress towards my goals. Instead of feeling anxious and frustrated, I find myself relying on new practices - such as meditation - to feel confident and focused about what I want to do, and how to go about doing it. Wade's program and methodology helps to define the skills I need to not just exist but truly live and thrive. It's been such a rewarding experience and I would recommend it to anyone who's ready to make some positive changes in their life."

- Maxine R.

"My summer of self-care experience really helped me bring more balance into my day to day life so I can focus on my goals. 

I learned so many valuable strategies from Wade on how to find calm and more energy in difficult situations with work or in my relationships so I could move forward instead feeling "stuck."  I highly recommend Wade's Summer of Self-care workshop for anyone interested in working with a life coach."

- Alison S., Summer of Self-Care Group Coaching


"I learned so much from this fun workshop –

simple, easy-to-remember ideas to make sure I keep plenty of healthy, delicious ingredients for yummy meals and snacks on hand. I enjoy challenging myself to try new, creative ideas when I go shopping now, thanks to Wade's light-hearted, inspirational approach!"

- Gaylin L., Balance in Your Basket


Not only is she a positive force who guided me toward a healthier and happier life, but she also helps you recognize what you value and how to live your life by those values. Rarely do we take a step back and acknowledge our body, our emotions, and how + why we feel the way we do. With Wade's help, you will start to play to your strengths and live a happier life! Thank you!!!

- Olivia K.