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Pop quiz! Circle all that apply:

  • You’re overworked, overtired, overstressed;

  • You can’t stop comparing your life to others (social media, anyone?);

  • You’re still dwelling on that thing that happened years ago;

  • Life has lost its luster and it’s getting harder to find that inner spark;

  • Even when you do hit the gym, the serotonin lift only lasts a few hours;

  • You’ve realized that “outer” things aren’t going to help get you where you want to be, and you need a way to seriously commit to that inner path.


OK, that (obviously) wasn’t a real quiz, but did it get your mind working? How does it feel to take a mindful moment? When you do a sit-up, you feel the muscles contracting to lift you up, to build your physical strength.


Think of this program as a workout for your mind. The only difference is that this is the kind of workout that sticks with you. Forever.


It’s also the result of countless clients, friends, and other people asking me to create a mindfulness meditation program that will fit into the structure of their lives—one that gets them into meditation mode right when they need it (ie. traffic jam, stressful situation at work, a difficult conversation with a loved one.... the list goes on).



Not just when they’re sitting in half lotus on a lumpy cushion in some trendy yoga studio.


Admit it: it’s important.


Because we’re all stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed about work, family responsibilities, and the weight of the world. 


And it’s all real – life is busy. It is stressful and overwhelming. We all do have a ton of responsibilities that need to be kept up with on a regular basis.



No matter how often we tell ourselves that social media is only a sliver of the real picture of people’s lives, it still gets to us. And then there are those mini-crises that pop up out of the blue. And mannnn, they never stop coming!


But all those things we encounter regularly are also why we need rituals and routines that keep us centered, grounded, and in-control.


This program will teach you exactly those things, in a way that is guaranteed to fit into your schedule and fit into your life.


How’s it different from a meditation app, or a one-off workshop about mindfulness?


This is a year-long program that will teach you to embody mindfulness. It’s the difference between incorporating it into your life in an intellectual way and making it part of your lifestyle, your everyday experience.



It’s about not only understanding it, but experiencing it, and being consistently supported in it, over a longer period of time than you’d normally sign up for, and you're not alone. It’s different because it works.



“So Wade,” you ask…”how does it work?”


Here are the deets:


There are two Modules, six months each. The first month of each Module is about setting the foundation, creating, and revisiting your own meditation practice. This is the first essential step to strengthening those mindfulness muscles. Each month we’ll, "add on the weight" by exploring one of the 10 pillars of mindfulness.


You’ll be prompted to genuinely explore and embody the particular themed pillar through:

  • 90-minute monthly group video calls

  • 30 min 1-1 coaching session a month to support individual growth

  • Carefully curated list of resources based on the pillar that month

  • Access to themed meditations

  • Weekly self-reflection journal prompts

  • Private Facebook Group

  (Believe me, it won’t even be an option that you aren’t consistently diving into the pillar we’re discussing that month!)



For example…


how might your entire world be COMPLETELY different if you didn’t judge every little thing around you? (ie. what you ate or how that person looks). Have you ever taken a moment to notice how often you judge the world around you, and what it does to the way you act and react?



(Yep: non-judgement is a pillar, MIND = BLOWN) 


You’ll have the accountability of sticking to the work not only because I’ll be checking in with you, but because the group will as well.


This program is for you if you checked anything on that pop quiz above, no matter your age, gender or race.


You can join the program from anywhere, as long as you have a phone/wifi, a journal, and a pen. Our group video calls will happen the first #MindfulMonday of the month, starting October 1st.  Can't make the live call one session? No problem! I will record every one so you can listen to it on your own time. 


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Wade keeps it super real and provides the right amount of support, push and community. The immersion is great because you get to explore with other people and share their experiences so it is not at all a lonely journey. The program also provides a healthy amount of accountability which was definitely critical for me. Looking back over the last year I realize that I now have all these new techniques and outlooks to approach all types of situations, from a deeper level of gratitude to being able to cope with life's little paper cuts :) It's been a while since I dropped into the old anxiety spiral, I've established and maintained a meditation practice that works for me, generally speaking I feel like the immersion program set me up to reconnect with myself, my relationships and get to a place where I feel less stressed and more like my favorite version of myself. Highly recommend this program!

~ Renée, Seattle 

Rarely do we take a step back and acknowledge our body, our emotions, and how + why we feel the way we do. With Wade's help, you will start to play to your strengths and live a happier life!

~ Olivia, Los Angeles


Wade has helped me break down the reasons why I've felt blocked and provided some simple yet powerful tools that I can use to make progress towards my goals. Instead of feeling anxious and frustrated, I find myself relying on new practices - such as meditation - to feel confident and focused about what I want to do, and how to go about doing it. Wade's program and methodology helps to define the skills I need to not just exist but truly live and thrive. It's been such a rewarding experience and I would recommend it to anyone who's ready to make some positive changes in their life.

~ Maxine, Seattle



Looking forward to supporting you strengthening your mindfulness muscles this year. 

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