Self-Care Immersion Month

This month is an experiential self-care immersion to take your mind, body, space and energy to the next level.


By using my signature Awaken Method as the foundation, we will literally and figuratively clear the congestion and create space for you to feel refreshed, re-energized and recharged. It is all about filling your cup so that you have more energy to give to the world.


Week 1: Ground Stage: Before our first coaching session, I’ll send you my Mindful Reflection Self-Assessment. This tool supports us getting grounded and clear on what you want to create and where you are currently feeling stuck. With this information I will be able to custom design your VIP experience.


Next, we’ll jump on a 30-minute phone call for us to get crystal clear about our flow and strategy before the big day.


Week 2: Plant Stage: Your Self-Care experiential day is here! This day will be filled with planting new seeds and strategies of how to nourish your mind/body/soul from the 5 areas of your life. These tools are all custom designed to fit your needs and lifestyle. (See a sample day below and be prepared to say YES, PLEASE out loud.)


Week 3: Hydration Stage: This stage is all about sowing your new seeds and strategies into the fabric of your being. This is your opportunity to run the various experiments and strategies we developed into your daily flow so you can play with what works and sticks in your life.


Week 4: Growth Stage: We will jump on the phone for a 30-minute Growth Session to celebrate all of the ways you have grown this last month and develop your next action plan to maintain momentum for your sustainable self-care practices.


A sample VIP day experience:


The day begins with me showing up to your casa with your favorite morning cup of yumminess (smoothie, juice, matcha, name it!) plus your Self-Care Tool-bag in hand (you know this will be amazing!)


We ease into the spacious day with a customized meditation based on your Mindful Reflection Self-Assessment. This meditation will be recorded so you always have it in your back-pocket as a way to manage the mental chatter. We’ll even set you up so you have your own meditation space and place.  


Next we move our bodies through a 30-45 minute awakened sequence blending modalities of pilates, yoga, barre and dance. This will be customized depending on your goals (for example, this could be restorative, energizing, and you get to pick the challenge level. It all depends on what lights you up). You will learn new ways to add movement into your daily flow that don’t require a gym or fancy equipment. Just you with you--connecting to the gift of your physical body.


Next, we will re-fuel our bodies with a delicious and nourishing meal that I will have delivered right to your doorstep. This is where I will share some of my favorite tips on practicing mindful eating and creating your fuel routine to support you nourishing the body.


After we create space in the mind and body, it is time to tackle your physical environment-- whether it is cleaning out the closest, fridge or pantry, we will ditch the clutter so that you can breathe easier and have more space to be inspired. It is not about looking Instagram worthy, instead, it is about creating positive vibes that will inspire you from the outside in.


Next, depending on your fuel goals you will learn how to:

  • Meal prep simple, clean and healthy meals for the week

  • Learn how to food shop with some of my favorite nutritious and delicious products

  • How to bake healthy delicious sweet treats that keep you satisfied without the sugar crash


If you think this day wasn't amazing enough, just you wait. I will bring a massage therapist right to your door for a dose of relaxation and healing vibes.


We will cure the post massage hang-over with some delicious tea, soothing music & candles as we tap into our souls with some intentional journaling time. Because when is the last time you actually sat down to journal for more than 5-minutes? This is one of the most powerful parts of your Self-Care Experiential day. You have just centered yourself, strengthened your mind/body, cleared some space, and now you are ready to tap-in.  This is where you get to listen to your soul goals and get clear on what lights you up. It is the secret sauce to awakening your life.


Two weeks later we will have a 30-minute laser focused coaching session to maintain your momentum and celebrate you living the best version of yourself every damn day.


Ready to feel refreshed, re-energized and recharged? Kick start your Self-Care Immersion Month today.