Starts Monday June 6th, through July 25th


The Summer of Self-Care program was created for busy professional women, to prioritize and build a foundation for sustainable self-care.  These sunny seven weeks will help us reveal and release the pressure we put on ourselves while creating the balance we desire. You will feel more nourished than drinking any green juice out there! 

I will teach you how to make sustainable self-care easy, fun and rewarding! By the end of this course, you will shift the “should dos” to daily staples that your heart “can’t wait to do.” It is possible to commit to yourself full-heartedly and maintain a holistic self-care practice that isn’t the first thing to be ditched from your schedule or to-do list.


This course is for you if you are:

  • A successful, female professional

  • Feeling worn out… on the verge of burn out from juggling your constant list of to-dos

  • Notice you have a hard time committing to and enjoying "me time" because there is always so much else to get done

  • Constantly drink coffee to gear up for the day and wine to help you wind down

  • Anxious about balancing life in the now when you don’t even have kids yet!

  • Looking for a group of women to support you while you support yourself

  • Ready to have energy for the life you want to live by making yourself a priority

I realized how important it is to love yourself, love spending time with yourself, and to know what things bring you joy. I treasure my “me” time so much more now. My viewpoint on life has completely shifted. I feel like my energy is higher and more positive, and I enjoy the little things more now. I realized from working with Wade that shifting my energy to be more positive can completely change a situation and/or an outcome for the better
— LT


With great tools and full-on support, you absolutely, positively can make big changes in your life. prioritizing self-care has downstream impactS on all that you do. 


As a part of this program you will:

  • Receive a self-care package you will want to curl up with

  • Access a private Facebook group to stay connected to and inspired by women in the program

  • Understand your current levels of energy when it comes to making yourself a priority

  • Learn my unique Five Core Pillars of Self-Care and how you get to easily practice them in your daily life

  • Discover ways to release negative self-talk

  • Feel empowered to take charge of your life by creating boundaries that protect your time and values

  • Access exclusive meditations specifically designed for the program

  • Create your unique Self-Care Calendar to inspire and maintain your energy and momentum

  • Open yourself to the energy, laughter and love of working on your self, from within the collective of other like-minded women

The Schedule:

The group program starts June 6th, but before we begin, we will schedule a One-on-One Welcome Call to customize the program to your needs. 

Week 1 - It is all about grounding yourself by understanding what type of energy is present in your life. We will focus on empowering your choices so you understand what supports you versus depletes you. The tools you learn this week will be your compass for the rest of the program.

Week 2 - We will learn the first Core Pillar of Self-Care, our mental self-talk. We will understand how our thoughts affect our emotions, which in turn affect what actions or inactions we choose to make. 

Week 3 - It is time to think about what type of fuel you feed your body. You will understand where you get stuck and how you can improve your relationship with your kitchen and the choices you make to nourish your body from the inside out.

Week 4 - We will discuss the third Core Pillar of Self-Care by connecting to our bodies and how we get to add movement into our daily life without it feeling like a "have to."

July 4th! We will have this week off to integrate our learnings and put our practices in place.

Week 5 - We will examine how your personal space has a tremendous affect on your self-care routines. We will understand your relationships to objects, people, places and things so nothing feels like it is cluttering your way of feeling nourished.

Week 6 - This week is all about how you renew your energy and recharge your batteries. We will discuss ways to mindfully rest up and slow down from all of the doing. We will also talk about what purpose your hobbies play (if you don't have any... you will after this week) and how you get to tap into your creativity more.

Week 7 - The final group call will be centered around Celebrating & Desiring. Collectively, we will celebrate all we have achieved, grown and be amazed by how much more energy we have! We will also take part in an empowering visualization to support you moving forward in creating what you desire in life.

To close the program, you and I will meet one-on-one in our Integration Call to celebrate and incorporate your learnings into your life.

“I am faced with many life transitions at the moment and I am finally able to feel good because of the routines Wade has helped me create to stay grounded.”
— MP


As successful women we often think we have to be a trailblazer and travel the road alone.  But guess what? You don't have to go solo anymore. I give you permission to reach out for support and be in a collective of other like-minded women. Joining the Summer of Self-Care program is an opportunity to make self-care more effective and fun! Working together will help you stay accountable to reach your goals a lot faster than if you did it alone. Together I will help you release any mental or emotional blocks that are preventing you from moving forward, help you stay inspired and help you build a self-care plan unique to you, not based on the popular fads that don’t necessarily fit your lifestyle. Not to mention, being in a sisterhood and group setting will inspire your desires even further.  


Together we will build your self-care tool box, so you can beat burn out and have energy to kick-ass at work, be fully present with your relationships and do the things you love!



By the way, this group is hand-picked to make sure everyone is the perfect fit! I personally interview every woman who applies to make sure this program is what you need and that their energy matches the group's vibe.


Your Summer of Self-Care Investment:

Early bird investment is $350 if you register by May 12th. The regular registration investment is $450 and closes May 27th.