Cooking Up Nourishment for YOUR Mind and Body

I have always been a foodie for as long as I can remember. This is due to growing up in a house where my family didn’t even finish its first meal of the day before discussing what we would eat next. We grew up trying to make each meal delicious, nutritious and of course: satisfying. I never use to take part in the cooking since I was the youngest of 3 siblings in a house where everyone was an amazing chef. I was, however, very much involved in the planning, critiquing and of course, 'dish duty'. It wasn't until I moved to Buenos Aires that my passion to eat good food expanded to learning how to cook yummy food as well. As I began to cook for myself, I realized how difficult cooking something delicious actually is. It took sometime to get my hands dirty and feel comfortable around the kitchen. I started to enjoy cooking more and more because I was not only creating more delicious meals, but it became another form of meditation. I realized sometimes I felt rushed to cook for no reason that I would chop my vegetables too fast and unevenly that my meal would end up a bit discombobulated and not as enjoyable. So instead, I learned to use my cooking time as a way to PAUSE, BREATHE, BECOME AWARE, REFLECT and ACT. I used the action of chopping as a way to slow down my mind and breathe so I could cut with intention. I also worked on controlling my mind by being patient while boiling water or sauteing food. This waiting time works to breathe and enjoy the process of cooking--whether it be solo or with loved ones. The act of cooking something homemade means you are filling your mind and body with good intentions and love. You have thought about what ingredients and spices sound the most satisfying and nurturing to your body, allowing you to get to know yourself on a deeper level.

Suggestion: Start cooking! Whether it be after you come home from work or on the weekends. Make time to cook something delicious instead of picking up the phone and ordering in. You will be shocked at not only how much money you will save, but how much more satisfying meals will be, and you might just lose a bit of that extra weight! Plan out your meals ahead of time by thinking of fun recipes to try or just follow your instinct and through a bunch of things together. While you are cooking, pay attention to yourself and do not allow yourself to get anxious or frustrated. Remember the motto to PAUSE, BREATHE, BECOME AWARE, REFLECT, and ACT. Fill your meal with love and compassion by taking the time to make it that much more delicious and nutritious. When you focus on the task at hand and are in the moment, you always do a better job than letting your mind race in a million directions. Notice how much tastier, satisfying and visually pleasing your meals will be. Enjoy your meal by eating slowly so you can taste each bite and discover what improvements could be made to the recipe. Take note of how the food nourishes your mind and body so that you learn to fill yourself with only positive things!

Remember: You have one mind and one body, so let's learn to use them right! (and feed it right!)