Empower your words. Empower your life.


The new year creates a sense of hope, optimism and desire for a fresh beginning.  We tend to start off telling ourselves that this year is going to be different because of X, Y and Z.  However, come February 1, some of us might find ourselves falling back into old and “comfortable” habits.  So,  how can you assure that this won’t happen again this year?  What are some of the ways you can connect to yourself on a deeper level and stay true to your intentions and live the life you want to be living?  

One of the small, yet huge differences you can make in your daily life is paying attention to both your internal and external dialogues.  These are the words you tend to hear yourself saying out loud or in your own head.  Notice what your thoughts and beliefs are.   Do you hear yourself saying phrases like “I can’t, “I could never,” “I should,” “I ought to,” “I must,” or even referring to someone else and saying “they made me.”  When you say these phrases, you create helpless energy inside yourself and project it around you.  Saying such ineffective words can make you feel weak, disempowered, worthless, unmotivated and even lazy.  When we speak in such a fashion we are not moving forward in life.  Instead, our thoughts imprison us.  Be mindful of your word choices and feel empowered!  Use words and phrases such as, “I get to,” “I have the opportunity to,” “I can,” “I am able to,” “I look forward to,” “I choose to,” “I am grateful for,”and “I am lucky to.”  All of these word choices leave you with a sense of authority because there is clear intention and ownership.  Owning your words (even if you have to force it in the beginning) will bring you one step closer to owning your life.  

Try focusing on your word choices for as little as one week to see if you notice a difference in your mood, behavior and sense of purpose.  Feel empowered to be who you are and what you are doing.  Feel the strength and determination to create clear intentions.  Focusing this energy will bring you one step closer to sticking with any resolutions you may have made.

I know that owning “I can” empowered me to follow my passion of becoming a life coach.  I never let the words “I can’t” hold me prisoner and prevent me from fulfilling my sense of purpose.  Owning my words allows my beliefs, thoughts and feelings to be limitless.  I am living in a world full of possibilities.

I encourage you to share your experiences with me.  First ask yourself: “How is this current way of speaking serving me?”  Then, once you find your answers, ask yourself: “What ways can I make conscious shifts and start owning my words?”  “How does it feel to say more empowering phrases?”  “What differences do I notice in my life?” 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to reading them!