Finding Today's Vacation

Jealous seeing friends’ Instagram vacation pictures of Europe or some exotic place? Feeling stuck in your daily grind, wishing you were a teacher who had the summertime free? Here is a simple way to create the sensation that you are on vacation everyday vs. feeling like you are grinding it out on the 9-5.

A few weeks ago, I took a few days off of work for a ladies weekend in San Diego. It was one of the most relaxing and restorative weekends I have had in a long time.  I kept wondering: Why? It is not like we sat on the beach or got massages at a spa. Yes, we had some meaningful gal pal time and sunshine, which definitely helped.  I realized that it felt so relaxing because we tapped in to the true secret sauce of a vacation by asking ourselves the golden question: “What do we feel like doing?”—no itinerary, just curiosity and presence.

You might be like, Wade, what the hell are you talking about? How is that a secret question?

So let me explain. When you go on vacation, you are encouraged to relax, sleep in, drink whenever, eat whatever and do whatever. Generally speaking, there isn’t a pre-designed structure to your day or the pressure of time. Instead, you are free as a bird to pick and choose . You ask yourself the magical question, “What do I feel like doing today?” to help guide how you spend your time, resources and energy based on your feelings.

This approach is typically very different than your normal: “What shit do I need to get done today,” in your 9-5 routine. During your daily grind you are focused on what you’re obligated to get done, how efficient you get be with your time, and maybe even a bit anxious to fit it all in. You use your thinking mind to guide you instead of your feelings.

Think how much more relaxed and rejuvenated you could feel during your weekday if you asked yourself the golden question, “What do I feel like doing?” vs.  “What should I be doing?” That feeling aspect allows you to get out of your thinking mind and into the present moment. I am not saying every day should be a feeling type of day, but what would it be like to just give yourself one morning or one afternoon a week to have a mini stay-cation based off of your sensations? Maybe you feel like taking a walk by the water instead of going to the gym, maybe you feel like sleeping in because your body is telling you that you need more rest, or maybe you feel like sitting still in the sunshine and just reading. Whatever you feel like doing, do it without the guilt game. You are entitled to own your own time.

No Instagram photo of your mini stay-cation is necessary—just you being in the present moment, in-tune with your feelings.  Notice how much more restored you feel and how much more energy and presence you will have to live your life.