Naked Brilliance

Helmut Newton's "Celia, Miami, 1991"
Helmut Newton's "Celia, Miami, 1991"

I love walking around my house naked.  There is nothing more comforting to me then being in my own skin, in my own apartment.  Growing up in a predominately naked household, I learned how to wear my birthday suit at a young age.  Since I can remember, my siblings and I were set free to play in our backyard naked.  This commitment to being free and comfortable deepened as I got older.  Both of my parents taught me that the naked body is a gorgeous and remarkable work of art and we should never be afraid to be who we are and love our own skin.  My friends and I joked that they weren’t truly my friend until they saw my mom naked.

I never realized how lucky I was to learn these lessons at such a young age until meeting many other women who have a hard time being in their own skin, let alone naked.  I first recognized this sense of embarrassment in high school when changing in front of my girlfriends. While in college, I realized, I was one of the only roommates who enjoyed being naked around the house.  I was shocked to discover how nakedness made others feel uncomfortable.

Cultivating a comfortable, naked environment is liberating.  It allows you to feel fully connected to who you are by being able to see and feel your entire body.  When we wear clothes all of the time, we create a slight barrier.  When I am naked, I am mindful of how I feel in both my body and mind, thus allowing me to be present with my authentic self.  I am able to listen to my mind and release any judgments that try to creep in.  Getting to know my body on a deeper level increases my confidence, strength and even makes me feel a bit sexier!

I encourage you to spend some more time being naked in the comfort of your own home.  Whether this be sleeping naked, dancing naked, making your morning coffee naked, or writing emails naked. Ditch the clothes and show some skin! After spending some quality time with your naked personality, you will appreciate how good it feels to love your skin and be who you are.  Allow any judgments or negative thoughts to disappear and just be with your beautiful skin.  Notice how your true brilliance shines!