One Way to Practice Self-Care

Taking care of your self is a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be exhausting or overwhelming. The easiest way to get started is to connect to your personal powerhouse–the nucleus of your being. Just like the nuclei of your cells, your personal powerhouse is responsible for all of the activity and growth of your mind, body and soul. Your thoughts are just one of the pillars that build your powerhouse, one of the elements that make up your overall energy Just as Einstein states, “everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want.”  Your thoughts and word choices are a form of energy that you express from your personal powerhouse, which transmits into your physical and material world.

When you feel stressed, victimized, insecure and lonely, it may feel like a natural response to think negative thoughts and want to react quickly. However, instead of beating yourself up and staying in a negative black hole, try practicing and repeating powerful mantras. Take a moment to realize the negative impact of your thoughts and replace those beliefs with words that give you strength, support and power to help hold you up versus tear you down. Practicing these daily mantras creates a mighty energy shift which alters your emotions, body language and the way you take action. Watch the positive vibrations shine into your internal and external world.

When I was going through treatment, there were times when I felt so hopeless and blue. I had a choice: I could continue to feel like a victim or I could rise above it all. I chose the latter. I consciously dove inwards to shift the way I spoke to myself. I wanted only positive energy to help heal my sick body and positive energy to shine through and around me. I created that shift by focusing on my thoughts. I practiced mantras during meditation, any time I felt anxious or when I needed a booster shot of inspiration for my day. Changing my thought pattern helped create the ripple effect of energy I wanted in my life. It helped carry me across the darkness and into light. They can have the same power when you’re tackling the trials and tribulations of your everyday life, and they don’t have to be used only in times when you’re feeling down. Try practicing these mantras or create your own! Notice what starts to shift in your life.

All I can do is be in this moment

I am right where I am supposed to be

I am healthy and safe

Love and light flow through my body

I am whole and complete

I am love and I give love

I am present and calm

I am as fluid as water

My heart is open and full

I am light and free

I am not my fear; my fear is just a voice

My experiences help me grow and gain strength

Loving myself means I can love others

Acknowledging my fears helps me grow

I am my own best friend

I listen full-heartedly

I am a human-being

I am worthy, valuable and have gifts to share