Rescue Plan


After a weekend of travel or overindulging, what are your strategies to get back on track and feel better in your own skin?

After an indulgent weekend comes and goes, I notice that people tend to get stuck in the negative self-talk spiral and sound something like: “why did I eat so much this weekend?”, “I am a fat ass”, “I have no self-control”, “I am so silly, I knew that would hurt my stomach”, “F*ck it, I am going to keep eating.” etc. When we notice these negative self-talk spirals occur, we have a choice to listen to them and fall down the rabbit hole of guilt and shame or we can catch ourselves with a big hug of self-love and compassion and recommit to how we want to live and feel by taking empowered action.

I know from working with clients and talking to friends, when we fall off our wellness routine (however that gets to look for the individual) it tends to feel harder for people to “get back on track.” Do you ever feel like that? I used to feel that way too until I created what I call a Rescue Plan. A rescue plan is reconnecting to 3 go-to healthy practices that make me feel nourished and balanced in my physical body. My rescue plan is mostly focused on what I want to focus on instead of what I want to cut out. This plan comes into action when I have an off weekend where my meals weren’t regular, I snacked a lot or didn’t eat many vegetables. Or maybe I just got back from traveling and want to jump back in my routine of cooking and eating clean. I have these 3 practices that I return to as my go-tos so that I can feel like my healthy and vibrant self. I like to visualize this practice as throwing myself a life raft. These are simple and easy techniques for me to get out of the “deep end” and be brought to a place where I can swim with ease. When I have more ease in my body, I am less anxious, more loving, generous and productive.The key in my rescue plan is to keep it simple.

  1. Drink a lot of water and nothing else but water all day long! The only exception is a cup of coffee if I am feeling like it (but black...the key is to keep it simple). Lots of water!

  2. Make sure I attend a group fitness class within the first or second day of being back. I know I can work myself out and take walks etc., but I am SO much more motivated when I have a teacher. Depending on my energy level, I will book a yoga, pilates, barre or spin class. Having a teacher push me more than I typically push myself during my weekend workouts or travel fitness routines feels really supportive. It helps create momentum and flow in my physical body. I feel the strength of my body in a different way and I have more energy and ability to focus.

  3. I aim to eat vegetarian meals for the first few days back. Eating lots of veggies and beans for protein is way easier on my stomach and supports my digestive track staying in flow :). These nutrient-dense meals make me feel like I am putting all of these vitamins and nourishment back in my system without creating a clog. Each meal typically has at least 3 different types of veggies, if not more! Something simple like: roasted cauliflower and broccoli on a bed of mixed greens. Or quinoa spinach mixed with roasted Brussels sprouts, onions and beets.

I keep it simple. I try to avoid eating out, drinking, chips, bars, dairy, nuts and sweets for a few days until I feel back in balance. Part of keeping it simple means not overscheduling myself as well. It means dinners at home and getting plenty of rest. Regrounding into my staples supports me realigning with how I want to feel and live and regulating my system. Having a solid plan of action to return to over and over again cuts out any of the sitting in a pile of shame for too long or analysis paralysis about what to do or where to start.

This is the practice of self-care. To be aware of what your mind/body/soul wants to flourish and figure out ways to make that a priority in your life.

Do you have a Rescue Plan? If so, share with me in the comments.

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