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Mindset for the Eye-set


Create a mindset for the eye-set. This is something I practice on the regular but especially during times of overwhelm and stress.

Our mindset shapes our ‘eye-set’, what we focus on and how we see the world. Typically, our mindsets are trained by culture, our upbringing and our schooling. One of the things we are taught to constantly look for is what isn’t working: what I want/don’t want, the hole, or the gap in something. However, when we keep our attention focused on what’s missing or what we don’t want or can’t do, that’s where our energy flows. And that energy can feel heavy, dark, gloomy, uninspiring and depressing. Can you relate? It’s not the most ideal situation when you’re already feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

As I enter the final month before my wedding, launching a few work projects and juggling responsibilities, I know that gliding through this crunch time means I get to take care of my wellbeing and “tighten up” my routines.

However, I noticed as I laid in bed the other night, dreamstorming my plan of action for the next month, that my mind jumped to thoughts of ‘I need to cut out sugar’, ‘Don’t eat carbs’, ‘Don’t make plans during the week’, ‘Don’t get stressed out’, etc. This thought process happened for about a millisecond before I caught myself from spiraling into a prison of restriction and turmoil. I paused, grabbed hold of the reins and quickly changed my mindset to what I actually want to feel, experience and be, especially during this crunch time.

For instance, I want to feel relaxed and spacious, I want to feel healthy and glowing, I want to be loving and grateful. The moment I switched my mindset, my eye-set (the lens in which I am looking at life through) changed. I no longer felt those shackles and gloomy energy of everything I wasn’t allowing myself to do, feel or be. Switching my mindset didn’t just change the lens in which I viewed the situation, but it created an energetic shift inside of me where my heart felt more open and I had more energy and excitement for everything that is about to come.

I welcome you to try paying attention to your mindset this month. Create a mindset for your eye-set. Train your mind to control the way in which you see the world and situations. Make life work with you, instead of against you.

Celebrate your mindset shifts with me here. Or noticing you want more support shifting your mindset, send me an email here.

Communication is Key- Why do you talk?


Communication is a hot topic in my life at the moment. And let’s be real. It is an important aspect of everyone’s live—in both the professional and personal spheres.

As my fiancé and I prep for marriage, we are less consumed with the wedding weekend dates and more interested in talking about our vision, creating systems and structures within our own relationship. And a key part of connecting and creating something is communication.
During one of my recent silent meditation retreats, one of my meditation teachers Dori Langevin, shared the acronym WAIT when discussing the importance of timely speech.  The acronym stands for Why Am I Talking. I loved this! It is so simple, yet so powerful! Speaking is a gift. Our word choices really matter. Whatever we decide to share to either others or ourselves has an impact. In order to ask yourself why am I talking, it is important to find that pause or to take a minute and WAIT.
As most of you know, I am all about the pause. I practice the pause in my own life as well as support clients being able to strengthen their mindfulness muscles to practice the pause so that they can reflect to connect and then make more intentional choices. 
Practicing this acronym has supported me in connecting to my intentions for communicating. During my pause, I get to ask myself, why and what do I want to be contributing? Am I just speaking because I want my voice to be heard? Can I add value here?
Where in your life do you see the practice of the pause and using the WAIT acronym can support you?
Want more support grounding into a new fall routine? I got your back.

Movement Meditation

 recently completed my first 5-day silent meditation retreat and I am about to do another one next week! Ahh!

If you had asked me a few years ago if I would do a silent retreat, I would have said heck no. I didn’t think I could be silent or meditate for that long. Nor did I WANT to. But let me tell you, these five days of silence were one of the most healing and amazing experiences I have had in a long time. I typically preach how self-care can be practiced on a daily basis in #MindfulMoments, and I never really understood why going on a retreat would be beneficial since it isn’t “real life.” But now I have a totally new perspective. This 5-day retreat was all about creating an immersive, protected and sacred container to dive deep into my own practice and reach new levels of awareness that I can’t typically connect to in a world full of over-stimulation. This 5-day retreat became a training ground where new seeds of practice and awareness were planted so that I can water them and integrate them into my life moving forward.

The theme of this meditation retreat was called Body Wisdom. All of our meditations had a suggested focus on connecting to the current experience of the body. For someone who thought I already had a strong mind/body connection, I was taken to a deeper level. One of my favorite new meditations we practiced was all about connecting to the four elements in our body: earth air, water and fire. Check out this meditation on my Centered in the City podcast.

A lot of you have asked me what it was like being silent for five days. Was I able to use my phone or read? And the answer is no. No technology, no reading, no journaling, and no speaking to each other! Some people even chose not to engage in eye contact. The only writing that was allowed was during the teacher’s talk as a form of note taking. The teacher explained, “Reading a novel is reading someone else’s story and journaling is getting caught in your own story. The idea is for you to be present and connected to your current experience.” I loved this description because it gave me full permission to tune in verses get trapped in my internal experience.

The practice of meditation was woven into the daily schedule. We had 45-minute sessions of alternating between sitting, walking, and lying down meditation throughout the day from 6am to 9pm. We were encouraged to take this mindful awareness into our daily activities, transition moments, while we ate, sipped on tea, brushed our teeth, etc. Emphasizing that there is no “turning off,” “zoning out,” or “numbing out.”

I also loved getting a chance to practice some Qi Gong—which is meditation in motion. Click on the video below to watch a few different exercises I incorporate into my morning meditation routine to support opening my heart center, and living from the gratitude of my body and life.

These practices in addition to so many more get to be exercises in flexing my mindfulness muscles to tap into the wisdom of my body. When I listen deeply, there are layers of experience. As my teacher, Heather Sundberg, says, “There is the experience of the body from the internal, external and both at any given moment.”

Which pathway do you typically use to listen to the wisdom of your own body? Which one do you want to start listening to in your practice?

Qi Gong Practices:

The intention of the first two practices is to give and receive love and kindness

The intention of the second series of practices is to open up the the second chakra, heart and head

*** With both practices challenge yourself to slow down your breath and movement ***

New Year Power Intention

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018! If you follow me on social media, you know I am so pumped to share one of my favorite New Year's Day activities with you! This activity helps you create a mindset intention for the year so you can stay focused and connected to how you want to be in 2018. In essence, I want to welcome you to think about one word -- or a few words, a phrase -- that you want to use as your 2018 powerful intention. 

Grounding myself with a word or short phrase is one of the most powerful tools I practice year after year. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with all the individual "things" I could do in 2018, it helps to create a personal statement of intention that supports me when making decisions, creating priorities and shifting my mindset. I use my empowering word to take action. Whenever I feel stuck, I re-ground into my power intention to help guide the way. Selecting an empowering word or phrase is a great way to clarify and prioritize what your desires and wants are -- supporting you living and loving your life.

In 2017, I welcomed the word abundance as my power intention. I wore the lens of bounty and inclusivity, which allowed me to not only think more abundant thoughts, but create more abundance in my business and personal life.  One of my biggest takeaways after playing with the idea of abundance this year is that abundance is always available, even in those moments of scarcity. I can choose to see the plethora of opportunity, options and win/win scenarios versus keeping my mindset on what's not working, where there isn't enough. I know from the power of coaching, "wherever you attention goes, your energy flows." Meaning, when I keep my eyes on the "prize" that's what gets to comes alive.  

My power intention for 2018 is BOLD & light.  These words will guide me as a north star to making decisions and choices aligned to what being bold and light means to me. Anytime I get suck, want inspiration or don't know what to say, I get to useBOLD & light to help guide me through.


What is your one word or phrase you want to embrace in 2018? 

To support your reflection process, let me help you pick the perfect word for 2018:

1.  Journal the prompts below:

  • What are you celebrating from 2017?
  • How do you want to feel in 2018? (Describe in full detail)
  • What would your life look like if you gave yourself full permission to do, to be or to say anything?

2. Circle all of the words that stand out and then narrow it down to three.

3. Ask yourself: Do these three words create an empowering phrase for me? If yes, you got your phrase for 2018!

If not, narrow your word choice down by closing your eyes and breathing in and out each word. Notice, which word stands out to you the most? Note whether it brings you tingles, creates some fire in your belly or makes you smile.

Watch as the perfect word or words come alive for you!

4. Create a visual of your word/words. Whether is it a fancy drawing or a post-it note, place a visual of your power intention somewhere you will see on a daily basis.

5. Please share! I love hearing what north-star, you create! Comment below or share some love on social media @onewade. 

What do you want more of in life?

 Photo credit @lovedanielleoh

Photo credit @lovedanielleoh

A question I like to simmer with, especially when there is a shift in the calendar and we transition into the flow of Fall. I get excited to journal about it, explore possibilities with my partner and ask the people I love. I get so excited about the abundance of possibilities we all have! As a coach, I know that what we want in life, we can create. But we can’t create what we don’t know we want. I often hear clients feel lost, trapped or confused because they swirl in the question of “what do I want?” And the second they allow themselves to think bigger or outside of the box, the “dream killing” thoughts start knocking at the door. “Oh I could never achieve that.” Or “I don’t have the time or resources to do both.” Or “I am not educated enough for that.” Sound familiar? Our rational mind kicks into high gear to question if we can truly live the life we want to be living. And it makes sense that our rational mind is talking to us because all it truly wants to do is protect us. But sometimes we allow those thoughts to keep us small and immobile, and then we end up not growing or going anywhere. Have you had that experience before? Me too! And this is what I do: Every time I hear those grim reaper thoughts floating in, I say to myself, “hello, thank you and goodbye” and transition my eyes and my heart to focus back on what I do want to create.

Now here is the twist... you might be like, Wade... I already create to-do lists, try to set goals or create my vision boards, and I say WOOHOOO, way to go! However that is not enough. It is one thing to get your ideas formulated and out there, but there is an even deeper importance to tie what you want into how you are being. So I welcome you to take this question a step deeper this month. Instead of keeping your gaze on just the external (what do I want more of in my life?), turn your gaze inwards and explore how am I embodying what I want in life? If you want that new job position, that relationship, that wedding, explore how you want to be in all of those scenarios. What is the feeling, the essence you want to have when you accept that job, when you walk down the aisle or when you step into intimacy. (hint: you don’t need to spend money or take another class to find it, it is already alive and inside of you).

Now if you are ready to step into beingness, I have the perfect program for you. I am super excited to announce my Mindful Moment workshop that has traveled around the country and is now expanding and going virtual! You read it right. Launching next week, I am opening registration for an opportunity to join a co-ed live virtual group program where you will not only create a consistent meditation practice, but each month you will take a deep dive into embodying the pillars of mindfulness. You will learn how to add more patience, non-judgment, kindness and trust into your life so you can sleep easier, be more productive and create equanimity so life doesn’t take charge of you, but you take charge of life. Sign up to be the first to know here! More information and celebration coming soon!


What are you clinging to?

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything—anger, anxiety or possessions—we cannot be free” – Thich Nhat Hanh

A few months ago during one of my meditation trainings, we explored the concept of grasping. The idea is that as humans, we love to cling and hold onto our emotions, sensations, beliefs and perceptions. We hold on tightly and trick and train our brain into thinking  these beliefs form our true identity, when in reality we are purely meaning-making machines. Clinging shows its face in many forms. For instance, we grasp onto emotions we experience by saying “I am sad” or “I am angry” versus “I am experiencing sadness” or “I am noticing signs of anger.” We literally want to white knuckle that emotion and make it our identity. I know in the past when I have said, “I am angry,” I am way more likely to sit and grasp onto that anger and frustration way longer than if I were to say “I am noticing some anger arising in me.”  Expressing the latter sets me free from the emotion and allows me to recognize I have a choice in how I want to feel instead of letting the feeling control and consume me. I get that this verbiage doesn’t sound colloquial, but there is a real energetic mind shift that occurs when you use it.  Clinging also arises from the expectations our mind creates. We might paint a picture of how a scenario was supposed to go, yet reality happens and plans turn out nothing like we imagined. Instead of going with the flow and being present with the current situation, our mind is grasping onto our failed expectations. Sound familiar?

Exploring all the ways my mind grasps onto things is fascinating! I get to recognize how my mind wants to find some sort of control, meaning and purpose out of every situation. This helps me realize that I tend to be living in the past and not in the present. That is where my meditation practice comes into play. Having a consistent practice to pause and breathe creates space for me to notice what my mind wanders to (ie. a story in the past, a feeling, anticipation of something in the future). Instead of hushing the thought or trying to shut it down, I want to welcome it in and then practice placing it off to the side. When I can separate the thought from me, I get to examine it from a different perspective and I feel so much lighter and more free. The more I get to practice this concept of letting go, the easier I am able to manage my emotions and energy during the rest of the day. I am able to be more present and focused.

This month is the perfect time to explore the thoughts you are clinging to. Let the slow pace of August create space for you to pause, breathe and gain awareness. Check out this letting go meditation on my new Centered in the City podcast.  Examine what your mind clings to and learn how to ditch the unnecessary baggage. Recognize the consistent thoughts your mind wanders to, and create space so that you can recognize you are more than your thoughts. Learning to be aware of what your mind clings to, and to let go of your thoughts, will allow you to become more present and focused.
After you practice the meditation, feel free to use these journaling prompts:  
What type of thoughts do you notice your mind clings to?
Where in your body do you feel those sensations?
What type of patterns or observations do you notice?


July 4th is just a few days away. What are your plans to celebrate? Whether you are going to light a sparkler or not, this long holiday weekend is the perfect time to think about how you celebrate the little and big markers in life.


For instance, we are officially halfway through 2017. Instead of racing through the second half of the year, I want to welcome you to take a moment to pause and reflect on all you have accomplished this year, big or small. Take 5 minutes right here, right now to brain-dump all of your accomplishments. Maybe you moved cities, changed jobs, met your savings goal, made three new friends, got an award at work, tried a new workout regime, went on a date or started cooking more at home. Whatever you accomplished, make sure to CELEBRATE! If you set your 2017 word of the year, take a moment to look back at your intention and check your alignment. Do your current accomplishments line up with the essence of your word? If you have been consistently practicing and connecting to your intentions, it is pretty amazing to see what happens when you stay focused.


Now, when it comes to celebrating, there are so many ways to do it! You can scream and jump up and down like you won the lottery, you can call loved ones to share the exciting news, you could treat yourself to an indulgent day at the spa, or go out to a delicious dinner. How do you celebrate? Personally, I love celebrating big and small milestones with food! Food is a creative expression that gets to create connection and a shared experience for all of those involved. So, whether you are celebrating the 4th of July, that we're halfway through the year, your individual accomplishments or just the fact that it is summer, think about how you want to celebrate. If you also love celebrating with food, check out my Summer Fuel Pinterest board for some delicious BBQ and summer-inspired recipes.

DSC_0052 (1).jpg

Here are just a few things I am personally celebrating this moment:

I am celebrating the launch of my new meditation podcast! Woohoo! Centered int the City Podcast is a place and virtual space for you take a mindful moment, pause and connect. This podcast is full of modern meditations you can practice anywhere at any time. All of the meditations are geared to supporting you navigating the twist and turns of living in the rhythm of the city. If you are interested in celebrating with me and helping to spread the word, email me here and you will enter to win some prizes! I will be sending another email when it officially launches in a few weeks.

I am also celebrating my up coming meditation workshop at The Riveter on July 12th. If you haven't heard of the Riveter yet, it is an amazing co-working space designed by women for women, emphasizing wellness in the workplace. If you are in the Seattle area, I would love to see you there! I will be leading a 45-minute workshop combining light stretching, meditation and discussion. It is a great way to break up your week and feel more energized and centered (without having to put on activewear). 

Finally, I'm celebrating that I reached a personal financial savings goal! In January, I had a clear understanding of the total amount I wanted to save by July 1. I divided that total by 6 months so I knew exactly how much I wanted to save each month. Breaking this big financial goal into mjni-goals made it feel more attainable and realistic. There is so much power in getting clear about what you want and going after it!   

All of these celebration align to my 2017 word, abundance, because I have stepped outside of my comfort zones, connected to the plethora of opportunities and felt the freedom of choice. I am looking forward to celebrating all of this and so much more over several BBQs filled with family and friends this weekend! I'd love to hear what you are celebrating and how you are celebrating! Feel free to share on social media and tag @onewade #SummerofSelfCare.

Productivity and Play

Summer has officially arrived, woohoo! Which is so exciting, but it also can be frustrating for a lot of us who spend our days inside on the computer, in meetings, or in the car traveling to appointments. Our natural desire to be productive clashes with our human desire to play outside and bask in the sun.  

In order to not feel trapped by our lives and structure, I want to welcome you to think about where you have more freedom and flexibility to make your time feel productive and playful versus being in the "one-or-the-other" mindset. So much of our lives we trap ourselves in boxes, certain ways of thinking or doing. For instance, our culture likes to depict cleaning our house as being a purely productive activity. We automatically equate relaxing in the sun by the pool to "playing around". But in our modern society, we get to be creative and make life a both/and. It all starts with our mindset. So, this summer, I want to welcome you to flip the script and explore where you can make productivity and play a both/and, rather than an either/or

This doesn't have to be just in the workplace, it can also be practiced with your various house chores or personal responsibilities. For instance, I'm working on making gardening feel both playful AND productive. I am approaching gardening not from a "have to" mindset where this chore must be crossed off the list. Instead, I think of it as a way to be playful with my partner as we do something productive for our house and physical space.

One of my clients, Kathy, is practicing embodying this both/and energy in her workday so that she doesn't feel resentful to her job during the summer—a time when she wants freedom and fun in her life. During our session, Kathy and I explored her routine to find where she can shift her mindset of feeling like a prisoner to her schedule into a mindset of having flexibility with her time. I asked her to think about her transitions and how she can make her transitions not only feel productive (since they are  a means to an end) but also be a place where she can sprinkle some playful energy. Some ideas she brainstormed were: trying a different form of commuting (ie. biking to work vs. driving, taking a new route home); taking her lunch break outside so she could get sun and fresh air; or taking a walk with a co-worker for a dose of social interaction and connection. By shifting her mindset to focus on where she does have more control over her schedule, she was able to add some intentional, playful energy into her productive schedule. 

In the past, I had another client discuss resistance to doing dishes because it felt like a miserable chore. The impulse was to put the dishes off, but this just made the situation more daunting and overwhelming. So, instead of feeling guilty and overwhelmed, we reframed her mindset and found some play in the chore. She decided to put on her favorite song and dance to the music trying to finish their stack of dishes before the song was over. Not only did she have fun listening and dancing but she had fun racing against the clock trying to beat her previous time. 

These are simple examples, but there are endless ways to make our actions and decisions a both/and so that we don't feel trapped by our thinking or black/white way of being. The first step to shifting your mindset is gaining awareness. Take some action below.

To add both play and productivity in your life, follow these steps:
I invite you to pause and reflect on your life right now. Take a moment to jot down where there is a strong desire to be productive in your life and where you are also faced with some resistance (ie. working on a project, studying for an exam, organizing a closet etc.) If you are finding there are a few spots, brain-dump them all down, then circle the one that is the most prevalent. Take your circled item and brainstorm how you can make this action feel more playful (see image below). As you focus on the play aspect, notice how your body starts to feel. Typically people feel lighter, more bubbly and flexible. Pick which playful option excites you more and BAM... you have both a playful and productive activity on your hands. 

Feeling stuck with this activity? Send me a note and I will help you out.

Using the "C" Word

Want to know how to use the "C" word in a powerful and purposeful way this summer? I am talking about communication, yo. 

How often do you find yourself trapped in a communication pickle with a co-worker, family member, partner or even yourself? Typically a communication roadblock occurs because there is a conflict in expressed values, the inability for people to deeply listen or judgments that prevent us from being present and truly holding space for a two-way conversation. Communication has been a hot topic in my life recently, so I want to share some ways I'm practicing the art of communication.

In general, there are four types of communicators:

1. PASSIVE COMMUNICATORS — individuals avoid expressing their opinions or feelings, protecting their rights, and identifying and meeting their needs.
2. AGGRESSIVE COMMUNICATORS — individuals express their feelings and opinions and advocate for their needs in a way that violates the rights of others.
3. PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE COMMUNICATORS — individuals appear passive on the surface but are really acting out anger in a subtle, indirect or behind-the-scenes way.
4. ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATORS — individuals clearly state their opinions and feelings, and firmly advocate for their rights and needs without violating the rights of others. These individuals value themselves, their time, and their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs and are strong advocates for themselves while being very respectful of the rights of others.

What kind of communicator do you think you are? What kind of communicator do you want to be? What is one tiny action step you can practice today that leads you to the type of communicator you wish to be?

I don't know about you, but I want to be an assertive communicator—a person who deeply knows myself, what I want, what I value and asks for what I need while caring for others. In the past, I've realized I oscillated between being too aggressive with my blunt NYC potty mouth while also expressing myself passively because I was more concerned about how others would feel, based on what I shared. These styles of communication left me feeling small or angry and didn't allow for a balance of being bold yet loving. After doing so much self-development work over the past several years, I am proud to say I am finding my balance and stepping into my assertive shoes. This doesn't mean I do it perfectly every time, but I have reached a point in my life that I respect myself deeply enough to allow my voice, my dreams, my wishes, my thoughts, my body and my soul to be expressed while also respecting the people around me. I honor that my actions and words also affect others. One of the ways I paid attention to the way I was communicating with myself and others was looking carefully at the type of language I used. I observed if my words were full of "I can't" or "I have to." I noticed if my emails or conversations were full of "sorries" or if I tip-toed around questions or comments with a phrase like "I just want to say..." instead of being bold and f*cking saying what I want with clarity and confidence. 

Communication is an essential piece of the self-care puzzle. If we don't know how to listen deeply, and communicate to ourselves, then it makes it even harder to communicate to others. That is why I am super-pumped to announce that my virtual group program Summer of Self-Care is back and better then ever! This 6-week program is dedicated to supporting women knowing who they are, what they want and how to take care of themselves from the inside out so that they can use the "C" word in a powerful and purposeful way.

If you are wondering if this program is for you ask yourself these three questions:

1. Does your mental self-talk affect your confidence and ability to go after what you want? (ie, go on that date, post that picture to Instagram or apply for that new position?)
2. Are you hungry for tools that help you be more intentional about the way you take care of yourself and set your schedule? (ie, create rituals for morning and evening routines)
3. Are you ready to feel your healthiest, most powerful and boldest self this summer? (in mind, body and soul?)

If you answered f*ck YES to all of these questions, then this program is your jam. Applications open Wednesday and there is limited space and already a waitlist! Be the first in the know by signing up here. Early bird pricing ends May 18th and the program officially begins June 12th.

Here are some words from a previous Summer of Self-Care member:

"I signed up for the Summer of Self Care program. I wanted to look into some coaching support to help me with some long-standing personal goals that I haven’t been able to achieve for one reason or another. Wade has helped me break down the reasons why I’ve felt blocked and provided some simple yet powerful tools that I can use to make progress towards my goals. Instead of feeling anxious and frustrated, I find myself relying on new practices - such as meditation - to feel confident and focused about what I want to do, and how to go about doing it. Wade’s program and methodology helps to define the skills I need to not just exist but truly live and thrive. It’s been such a rewarding experience and I would recommend it to anyone who’s ready to make some positive changes in their life." -MR


If you are feeling stuck, at a cross roads or are yearning for more growth this summer click here to discover ways you can make yourself a priority without the shame or guilt. Let your inner summer sunshine glow! 

The Big Picture

A few weeks ago, I had a career decision to make. I could stay in my same schedule and routine, playing life safe and in my comfort zone. Or, I could let go of some responsibilities that were no longer in line with my vision, shake life up a bit and take a risk. Oh boy, did I hit a paralysis analysis frenzy while making this choice. I kept weighing the pros and cons, using coaching techniques on myself, and I felt so stuck, until my own coach said to me: “Wade, what’s the bigger picture here?”

If I were to make a choice, which choice would lead me to my bigger picture? BAM. This magical, simple, pure question brought me so much awareness and clarity (this is why I LOVEEE coaching!). My logical mind wanting to keep me safe and out of “danger’s way” by sticking with what I know. But I needed to listen to my heart- and soul- goals. I knew it was time for me to let go of certain responsibilities and make space for what I truly wanted to step into. When I realized I was taking a step towards my actual, big picture goal, the risk didn’t feel so scary. Instead, it felt good and so right. Letting go of the comfort, familiarity, and routine helped open so much space for me. And when I made space, that was when the good shit starting flowing in.

As humans, we sometimes hold on too tightly to our roles because we think our label alone defines our value and identity.  Letting go of a job title, parting ways from a particular friend group, breaking up with a boyfriend/girlfriend or even moving cities feels scary. When we let go of something, we aren’t entirely sure who we are or who we will be without it. 

This is a completely normal feeling for humans. Seth Godin, an author and entrepreneur writes, “Discomfort brings engagement and change. Discomfort means you're doing something that others were unlikely to do, because they're hiding out in the comfortable zone. When your uncomfortable actions lead to success, the organization rewards you and brings you back for more.” Instead of viewing the letting-go and discomfort as a negative experience, one that calls for panic and the desire to white-knuckle-life even more, I want to welcome you to think about what space you are creating. Celebrate the unknown and potential for growth!

Growth reminds me of one of my favorite childhood stories: The Story of Imelda, Who Was Small. Essentially, Imelda was so small she had to sleep in a shoebox until (spoiler alert) someone recommended she sleep in a big girl’s bed so she would actually have room to grow. This “big girl’s bed” was scary and overwhelming at first, but Imelda finally grew into the bed and now lives happily ever after! Creating space and having some extra room in your life opens doors for new opportunities and the process helps someone truly grow into their own skin. Spring is just right around the corner. What space do you want to create so that you can let some pretty beautiful things grow?

Feeling stuck on what your bigger picture is? I got your back. Coaching is one great way to start taking charge of your life. 

New Year's Day Practice

Words are powerful. But what's even more powerful is when you connect words to action. As you enter into 2017, I want to welcome you to think about one word -- or a few words, a phrase -- that you want to use as your 2017 power intention. 

Grounding myself with a word or short phrase is one of the most powerful tools I practice year after year. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with all the individual "things" I could do in 2017, it helps to create a personal statement of intention that supports me when making decisions and creating priorities. My word in 2015 was connect. Connect meant I was going to spend time connecting to myself, to my community, my clients, to Seattle and to my relationships. I used my empowering word to take action. Whenever I felt stuck, I re-rooted myself into my power intention to help guide the way. Selecting an empowering word or phrase is a great way to clarify and prioritize what your desires and wants are -- supporting you living and loving your life.

My phrase for 2016 was to spread my wings and fly. This was an empowering statement my mom said to me before she passed, and these empowering sentiments guided me this past year to follow my heart and my dreams. Looking back on 2016, I see how much my wings have spread and I have even more clarity on where I want to fly.

In 2017, I welcome the word abundance as my new year's power intention. I am excited to wear the lens of bounty and inclusivity. I am excited to grow and learn as I dive deeper into the wealth of knowledge available to me in my higher education programs this year, focusing specifically on meditation and facilitation. I am excited to turn my attention and focus to where there is shared love, light, and opportunity versus living with the notion 'there's-not-enough'.

What is your one word or phrase you want to embrace in 2017? Please share (in-person, in the comments below email, social media, snaps, grams, phone!). If you did this activity last year, take a moment to reflect and connect. See what dots aligned and what you might want to do differently this next year. 

Healthy for the Holidays Interview with Lady Boss Adrienne Kimberley

Check out this very grounded interview with entrepreneur, fitness and wellness guru, Adrienne Kimberley. My Wade a Minute takeaway from our conversation was how we get to practice staying healthy and centered for the holidays by focusing more of our energy on being rather than doing. Adrienne highlights how as women during the holidays we can typically get caught up in the doing: the organizing, the gathering, the cooking etc, and that it is also important to create space to just be and breathe. I couldn't agree more. Check out the rest of the interview, and you will feel so calm and so chill as you head into the holiday season.  

Adrienne Kimberley is one of Seattle's most sought-out instructors. She is the founder of Bohemian Studios Phinney Ridge and West Seattle, she is the creator of and trainer for the Barre Bohemian method, and she designs and leads The Craft of Teaching Yoga RYT programs. Adrienne also co-founded the Down Dog App, which has over 200,000 users and receives around 2,000 new downloads every day.

Connect more with Adrienne www.adriennekimberley.com/training/
Instagram: @adrienne_kimberley_yoga
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adriennekimberleyyoga/
Instagram: @bohemianstudios
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bohemianstudios

Healthy for the Holidays Interview with #LadyBoss Jenny Blake

I had such a great time interviewing Jenny Blake and learned how she stays healthy and centered for the holidays. My Wade a Minute takeaway is how important it is to give ourselves permission. Jenny discusses how she gives herself permission to listen to her body and stay true to what her body and energy wants versus what she "should be doing." I also love that Jenny emphasized the importance of giving herself permission to practice some self-care and enjoy her morning routine before jumping into emails because "work will always be there." For most Lady Bosses, that is a hard thing to do since we are such hard workers and go-getters, but as we know, if we are not taking care of ourselves first, then we are no help to anyone else. Check out all the other great tips and practices Jenny and I discuss in our interview below. (ps. she shares a bomb paleo recipe at the end). 


Jenny Blake is an author, career and business strategist and international speaker who helps people organize their brain, move beyond burnout, and build sustainable, dynamic careers they love. Jenny is the author of PIVOT: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One (Portfolio/Penguin Random House, September 2016), and Life After College (Running Press, 2011), which is based on her blog of the same name. With two years at a technology start-up as the first employee, five years at Google on the Training and Career Development teams, and over five years of running her own business, Jenny combines her love of technology with her superpower of simplifying complexity to help clients through big transitions — often to pivot their career or business.

Today you can find her at JennyBlake.me, where she explores systems at the intersection of mind, body and business. Jenny is based in New York City, where she imagines she’s starring in a movie whenever she walks through its crowded streets. Subscribe to the Pivot Podcast and follow her on Twitter @jenny_blake.

Healthy for the Holidays Interview with Lady Boss Arielle Haspel

Loved chatting with Arielle Haspel about how she practices staying healthy and centered during the Holidays. Arielle shared so many great nuggets of wisdom about how to say YES to the events you really want to go to, savor your food without overindulging, and host with lots of love & grace.  My Wade a Minute takeaway is how important it is to ground yourself before an event or party and feel good in your body first, before getting distracted by the external stimulus and/or any monkey-mind thoughts. That way, when you show up to the party, you feel good from the inside out and are more likely to make more conscious and intentional choices in tune with the energetic vibration you want to feel. Arielle shares some great, simple ways to do just that. Check out the whole interview and leave your comments below! 

Check out her favorite holiday and seasonal recipes here: http://www.bewellwitharielle.com/blog

Arielle Haspel is a dynamic Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition and Entertaining Expert and Public Speaker.  

She is the host of healthy cooking shows, “Treat Yourself” on Glamour Magazine and “Clean Eating” onHealthination. She is also a weekly contributor for Glamour Magazine.

Arielle has appeared on national television shows and in national magazines, including The Doctor Oz Show,NBC’s Today in New YorkELLEGlamourPeopleSeventeen, Women’s Health and WellandGood

She is the spokesperson for elite brands in the wellness space and speaks regularly at events and for corporate companies.

She is also the creator of Be Well Events, a series of seasonal cooking classes and wellness gatherings for women. Arielle hosts private cooking classes and creates healthy, delicious and easy-to-make recipes for busy, professional women at BeWellwithArielle.com


Healthy for the Holidays Interview with Lady Boss Loren Brill

My Wade a Minute takeaway after speaking with Loren Brill was how she practices balance during the holidays. For Loren, balance is about making things delicious, abundant and indulgent--in and out of the kitchen--while not sacrificing a healthier approach. 

Balance is obviously a huge focus of mine. Many of my clients are torn in our "all or nothing" society. Yet there are so many ways to live in the realm of "both/and" where we don't have to restrict or deprive ourselves. Loren's ability to be mindful of her mind and body's energy levels inform her decisions. Do I network again tonight? Make plans or go home and rest up? It's important to remember that we can enjoy the deliciousness of life yet not hold onto the guilt of setting boundaries or making choices. Check out the whole interview below and share your comments!

Want to know where you can find Sweet Loren's closets to you? Check out their store locator: http://sweetlorens.com/store-locator/ {find the best all-natural cookie dough in the refrigerated section} 

Loren Brill is a 31-year old, New York City-based healthy lifestyle advocate. She is the Founder & CEO of Sweet Loren's, a cookie company founded on the promise of delicious taste and only natural ingredients.  In her early twenties, Loren was faced with and overcame cancer, which was ultimately the catalyst for the creation of Sweet Loren’s - with the goal of providing wholesome delicious treats and ingredients you can feel good about eating. Shortly following the start of the company, Loren won The Next BIG Small Brand for Culinary Genius and People's Choice Award, 2011. She was chosen as Marie Claire’s Top Entrepreneur in the Women on Top Awards, 2012. Additionally, Loren has been featured on NBC’s The Today Show, Rachael Ray Magazine, Vanity Fair and appeared in a Microsoft commercial for use of their products in small businesses. This organic, naturally occurring press has accelerated the launch and growth of the brand while proving the concept that the country is ready for more natural, better-for- you products.

Loren is a food blogger for The Huffington Post and a contributor to AOL's Kitchen Daily. She is a graduate of the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California. Loren is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and tri-athlete. She completed the Master Class in Cooking at The New School and studied with The Natural Gourmet Institute. Loren is committed to building a brand of better-for- you sweets; supporting female entrepreneurship; and inspiring delicious, healthy, balanced lifestyles.

Healthy for the Holidays Interview with #LadyBoss Krista Petty Raimer

Krista shared so many great tips in our conversation about how we get to practice realistic self-care during the craziness of the holidays. My Wade a Minute takeaway is that we get caught up in the superficial details of how we "should look" or what the table decorations "should be" instead of focusing our energy on how we want to show up. It is all about finding and creating meaningful connection so we don't stuff our faces or numb our emotions. Check out the full interview below and share your comments about what resonates with you!

Coach. Trainer. Evocateur. Possibilitarian.  Krista believes there is an innate wisdom in the body that can open us to greater possibilities of living, loving and learning.  Through her body-centered coaching, she is passionate about championing others to move beyond limitations and live a life they love!  She has devoted her skills and talents to creating experiential learning environments that evoke the depth and greater dimensions of human being.  This is her life's work. What an amazing dance!  Krista Petty Raimer is the CEO and Founder of Boldly Embody Life.  She lives in Seattle, WA and brings her power-house coaching and phenomenal workshops to various cities and countries around the world.  

Discover more about Krista and her offerings: boldlyembodylife.com

Krista's current song: Secret Garden: Sigma

Take Hold of Your Identity

Take Hold of Your Identity

About a month or two ago, I declared it was time to re-harness my New Yorkerness . After celebrating my three-year anniversary in Seattle, I am sad to say, but I have gone a little soft.  This last year and a half, I noticed that I am less direct, more indecisive, less confidant, more schlumpy, which means, in essence, that I have lost some of my figurative NYC balls! 

Semi Annual Check In

Semi Annual Check In

We are officially halfway through the year people. Holy shit, time has flown on by. Do you feel that way too? I mean I can’t believe it is July already!

Taking a pause to look back at the New Year, do you remember what empowering word/phrase you chose for 2016? If not, I encourage you to look back at your journal and re-familiarize yourself.  Or if you didn’t create one, make one now! Read this blog post to learn how. 

Nature Can Teach us a Lot, If We Listen.

 “The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” – Henry Miller

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” – Henry Miller

Gardening last weekend, I was reminded of the lessons of life. As we pulled dead brush from the ground, trimmed back over-growth, yanked weeds and pruned, the circle of life was right in front of me.

I never thought I would like gardening. Being a true Manhattanite (born and raised) with horrible allergies and a healthy dislike for bugs and snakes, I felt that gardening and I were on opposite sides of the spectrum. However, after moving into our house last July, I realize our garden and plants need us to survive. I wasn’t really prepared to be a ‘mother’ to a large garden: plum trees, fig trees, a pear tree and an apple tree, but sometimes life gives you opportunities to grow and try new things if you are open to the experience. I got into the flow of gardening back in the fall. It felt good to be outside, giving our home some loving, getting my hands dirty and feeling connected to Mother Nature and spending quality time with my partner.

It took some practice for me to bring my mindful and meditative outlook into the garden, but when I did, I felt a deeper sense of awareness and it made gardening feel like an experiment and less of a chore. The beautiful and subtle reminder of how delicate life is was right between my fingers. We pulled out dead plants that didn’t survive the winter months while at the same time witnessing new buds blossoming. Their neon fresh green leaves stretched out in search of more energy and light. It was a beautiful reminder that life blossoms, grows, evolves and dies every day. As this plant’s ‘mother,’ I worried about it. I thought: “It is February! It’s not spring yet, how can it be growing already?” I didn’t want it to die if it didn’t receive enough sunshine or if it hit freezing temps at night.

Playing in the garden made me think about humans and how we are coming out of our winter slumber in the final, dog days of winter. We are about to blossom with the spring’s energy of re-birth. Just like these buds need the right temperature, enough sunshine, nutrients and a symbiotic relationship with their fellow plants, we as humans need the same thing.  The winter months are naturally a time to slow down, restore, be home and cook soup or heavier dishes to keep us warm. In order to transition into spring, we get to embrace the fresh energy with intention. Unlike plants, humans have the cognitive and physical capacity to make our own choices, be aware and pro-actively take care of ourselves.

So as you start to bud, I want to welcome you to think about ways you can support your bud to blossom. Think about your environment? What in your home, car, or workspace needs to change so there is more fresh energy to grow? What nutrients were you not getting in the winter months that your body is now craving? What friends, family, co-workers will support your symbiotic relationship so you can continue to grow together?

Personally, I spent the last few weeks cleaning and organizing my environment and body. I wouldn’t say spring-cleaning quite yet, but more of a deep clean and set of re-balancing. We hired someone to deep clean our house, which was the best decision I have ever made. She helped make our house feel fresh, revitalized and shiny, cleaning spaces I had never even thought of! I cleaned out the clutter in my closet—the excess weight that fogs my vision when I search for something to wear. I reset the balance in my body by. making medical appointments and cutting out caffeine and sugar for a few weeks. I want my bud to feel full of pure energy and light so it can continue to grow and blossom as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer.


A Spiritual Pause

As I mentioned in last month’s Wade a Minute, my intention this year is to “spread my wings and fly.” I jumped full throttle into my intention by literally flying across the world in various directions. I spent the first two weeks traveling around Israel—visiting Jerusalem, Tsfat, Golan Heights, Masada, and the Dead Sea. I am finishing my month of traveling by jumping continents to visit my favorite city: Buenos Aires. Even though I literally flew to these places, I am also flying because I am practicing tapping into my higher and deeper being: my spirituality.

Traveling to Israel was an opportunity to connect to my religion and my culture. Even though I do not consider myself to be a religious person, I am spiritual. The cool thing about spirituality, in my mind, is you get to create your own definition. For me, spirituality is about connecting to a higher being in myself, in others, in food, movement and in nature.  It’s feeling a higher vibration and deeper understanding of whatever I am experiencing, as both a part of me and greater than me. Immersed in Israeli culture, I reconnected to the importance of rituals, the sanctuary of the home and my deep values of family, friends, community and, of course, food.

Traveling to Argentina is like traveling home. There is no place in the world (that I have visited yet) that makes my heart smile so wide. The culture, the people, the creativity, the love, the passion, the nature, the food is all so amazing. Being here ignites a deeper sense of peace, curiosity and energy within myself. As I write this, I realize there isn’t one word to describe the sensation. Have you ever traveled to a place that opens it’s arms, hugged you so tight and made you feel like you were home? Being in Buenos Aires tickles my sweet spot… literally and figuratively. Even though I can’t speak Castellano perfectly, I feel connected to the onda (energy) here.  I am able to listen more deeply and soak in the vibrations that surround me.

Reflecting on my travels, I recognize that both Israeli culture and Argentine culture share what I consider to be a spiritual practice by creating a pause in their week to slow down, take time to enjoy life, their family, their friends and, of course, food. For Israeli’s most observe Shabbat (whither religious or not) and take Saturday to be their time to play outside, spend time away from electronics and connect to loved ones. For Argentines, they have many moments of pause during their day and week. For instance some Argentines might pause for a communal mate session while at the office, merindar with a friend after work (snack time) or enjoy Sunday with their family. For me, these moments of pause are opportunities to tap into my spirituality. To breathe deeper, fuller and open to the moment that arises. Instead of constantly running errands, rushing to meetings, glued to technology or stuck inside, the moments of pause offers a space to reflect, connect and direct my energy and the choices I want to make. Pausing gives me energy to reboot, feel more alive and live in accordance to my values and how I want to show up in the greater world around me.

So this month, I want to offer you the chance to pause, slow down and connect to what spirituality means to you. How do you want to define it? How do you want to practice it? Take the next 20 minutes or so and journal out your thoughts. Explore what comes alive and true for you. There is no wrong, only right. Let go of the thoughts “I am not being productive if I sit here and journal.”  Resist the urge to get distracted by your phone and just take a big juicy breath in… soak in the moment… exhale it out and then tap into what’s true for you. Incorporate the knowledge and awareness you gained into your life by taking action. Carve out space in your weekly or daily calendar to tap into your higher being.

For me, I am taking my lessons and experience of pause and integrating them into my American lifestyle—continuing my morning meditation practice, lighting candles on Friday to slow down from the week and welcome in the weekend, and organizing weekly time to connect to loved ones over a delicious meal. 

If you are curious to explore how to create more mindful pauses in your day to connect and practice self-care in it’s various forms, email me to schedule a complimentary session. I would love to help support you live your healthiest and happiest self.

If you are in the Seattle metro area, check out Centered in the City for our upcoming weekly meditation sits and other events to help you mindfully connect. For all others, feel free to reach out: Wade@WadeBrill.com