7 DIY ‘Treat Yourself’ Tips on a Budget

Life is full of ups and downs. No matter what happens during your day, create the daily intention to treat yourself with love and kindness as a way to keep your mind, body and soul in balance.  Try any of these seven tips and notice what shifts in your life when you give yourself some more lovin.

1.     Foot Massage

Some of us neglect our feet and forget to pay respect and gratitude to the part of our body that holds all of our weight.  Our feet are a remarkable tool that feels the full impact of our day, literally.  Whether we are barefoot or marching around in high heels, our feet help us get where we want to go.  Treat yourself by giving your feet some TLC and massage the fascia as you relax.  You can easily massage your own feet while in the bathtub, watching TV, before bed or get creative and simultaneously massage your roommate or partner while lounging around the house.  Recognize the power of touch.

2.     Journal

Journaling is the key to releasing your thoughts and emotions in a safe and supportive manner.  When you express yourself, you are cleansing your system of any stale energy that is not supporting you.  Spend at least 10 minutes a day to reflect and release.  Notice how you automatically feel better.  Treat yourself to some reflection and alone time and discover yourself on a whole new level.

3.     Make a New Healthy Recipe

When you eat a yummy home cooked meal, you are not only being creative, saving money and gaining confidence in the kitchen, but you are treating your body and your cells with loving nutrients.  What’s better than that?  Plan to make at least one meal at home a week to help your body, mind, soul and wallet stay in balance

4.     Take a Walk in Nature

Nature has many endless benefits to soak in.  Treat yourself to an afternoon stroll in your local park or a pre/post-work jaunt.  Refresh your system with greenery and the energetic outdoor air.  Notice how much more alert your mind and body are once you get the blood flowing and connect to the natural beauty of your world.

5.     Purchase or Pick flowers

Place fresh flowers of any shape, size or color in your home to add some happy endorphins to the environment.  Observe how your energy shifts when you walk into the room.  Discover what type of flower or color speaks to you and indulge yourself with a well-deserved arrangement.

6.     Create an Adventure

Explore a new part of your town—a coffee shop, museum, bookstore or park.  Add a sense of adventure and excitement to your day by trying something new.  Treat yourself by tapping into your natural sense of curiosity and explore with a beginner’s mentality.  Notice how you will feel energetic, inspired and more knowledgeable about the area you live in.

7.     Read a Book

Reading a juicy book is a great vacation for the mind.  Books create a space where your imagination can run free, where you can learn something knew or even feel a deeper sense of connection to yourself or a character.  When you decide to read a book, you are consciously carving out time to be with your physical self while the mind absorbs new information.

Set the intention—let your mind, body and soul thrive with just one or all of these DIY tips.