A Spiritual Pause

As I mentioned in last month’s Wade a Minute, my intention this year is to “spread my wings and fly.” I jumped full throttle into my intention by literally flying across the world in various directions. I spent the first two weeks traveling around Israel—visiting Jerusalem, Tsfat, Golan Heights, Masada, and the Dead Sea. I am finishing my month of traveling by jumping continents to visit my favorite city: Buenos Aires. Even though I literally flew to these places, I am also flying because I am practicing tapping into my higher and deeper being: my spirituality.

Traveling to Israel was an opportunity to connect to my religion and my culture. Even though I do not consider myself to be a religious person, I am spiritual. The cool thing about spirituality, in my mind, is you get to create your own definition. For me, spirituality is about connecting to a higher being in myself, in others, in food, movement and in nature.  It’s feeling a higher vibration and deeper understanding of whatever I am experiencing, as both a part of me and greater than me. Immersed in Israeli culture, I reconnected to the importance of rituals, the sanctuary of the home and my deep values of family, friends, community and, of course, food.

Traveling to Argentina is like traveling home. There is no place in the world (that I have visited yet) that makes my heart smile so wide. The culture, the people, the creativity, the love, the passion, the nature, the food is all so amazing. Being here ignites a deeper sense of peace, curiosity and energy within myself. As I write this, I realize there isn’t one word to describe the sensation. Have you ever traveled to a place that opens it’s arms, hugged you so tight and made you feel like you were home? Being in Buenos Aires tickles my sweet spot… literally and figuratively. Even though I can’t speak Castellano perfectly, I feel connected to the onda (energy) here.  I am able to listen more deeply and soak in the vibrations that surround me.

Reflecting on my travels, I recognize that both Israeli culture and Argentine culture share what I consider to be a spiritual practice by creating a pause in their week to slow down, take time to enjoy life, their family, their friends and, of course, food. For Israeli’s most observe Shabbat (whither religious or not) and take Saturday to be their time to play outside, spend time away from electronics and connect to loved ones. For Argentines, they have many moments of pause during their day and week. For instance some Argentines might pause for a communal mate session while at the office, merindar with a friend after work (snack time) or enjoy Sunday with their family. For me, these moments of pause are opportunities to tap into my spirituality. To breathe deeper, fuller and open to the moment that arises. Instead of constantly running errands, rushing to meetings, glued to technology or stuck inside, the moments of pause offers a space to reflect, connect and direct my energy and the choices I want to make. Pausing gives me energy to reboot, feel more alive and live in accordance to my values and how I want to show up in the greater world around me.

So this month, I want to offer you the chance to pause, slow down and connect to what spirituality means to you. How do you want to define it? How do you want to practice it? Take the next 20 minutes or so and journal out your thoughts. Explore what comes alive and true for you. There is no wrong, only right. Let go of the thoughts “I am not being productive if I sit here and journal.”  Resist the urge to get distracted by your phone and just take a big juicy breath in… soak in the moment… exhale it out and then tap into what’s true for you. Incorporate the knowledge and awareness you gained into your life by taking action. Carve out space in your weekly or daily calendar to tap into your higher being.

For me, I am taking my lessons and experience of pause and integrating them into my American lifestyle—continuing my morning meditation practice, lighting candles on Friday to slow down from the week and welcome in the weekend, and organizing weekly time to connect to loved ones over a delicious meal. 

If you are curious to explore how to create more mindful pauses in your day to connect and practice self-care in it’s various forms, email me to schedule a complimentary session. I would love to help support you live your healthiest and happiest self.

If you are in the Seattle metro area, check out Centered in the City for our upcoming weekly meditation sits and other events to help you mindfully connect. For all others, feel free to reach out: Wade@WadeBrill.com