Balance with Action

Do you know that sensation you feel when you are in “grinding” mode? Where adrenalin, excitement and determination are pumping through your veins that push you to “do” more and “go” further with projects or plans?  Yet, at the same time, you feel flustered, overwhelmed and maybe a bit anxious?

That combination of “grinding” energy or what I like to refer as “gearing up” energy mixed with the desire to soothe and calm down is a perfectly natural experience.  Think of a time you were so excited about a trip you were about to take that you jumped right into planning/doing mode yet felt anxious about how much packing and organizing it entailed.  Or maybe a new job opportunity or project fell into your lap, and you are eager to get going yet nervous to take those first couple steps.  Perhaps you are excited about a first date yet fearful of the outcome. What these scenarios have in common is the “gearing up” energy throws the body and mind into action mode. Yet there is a part of you that feels anxious and, as a survival tactic, wants to ground down and find stability to hold onto. The addictive qualities of being in high-action mode can have us trapped in our analytical mind too heavily—so much that it can clog our ability to find some balance and ground down into our body, to be more intentional and present. Yet, as busy professionals, it is important to find ways to balance ourselves so that we can prevent burn out and actually have energy to do the things we love.

This is my current state in a nutshell.  I feel like a bull in a cage who is running around with strong, vivacious energy, and all I want to do is bust out of my pen to do, create and produce, yet I feel I am in this holding pattern because I want to be intentional before I give birth to my different roles and projects. As I work on my varied efforts, I feel my mind running faster than my body.  I can barely stay grounded and present because I am focused on crossing that finish line so that I can share the excitement with my clients and community. 

I have realized that letting my mind lead is great to a certain extent.  When I let my mind lead, it stays in an analytical conversation. I get so heady that it prevents me from staying present. This can lead to paralysis by analysis and eventually into burnout if I am not aware and balance myself out.  So I listened to inspiration from one of my mentors, Krista, who says: “let the body lead” and incorporated a movement tool into my daily routine as a way to help shift my energy and get out of my head and into my body.  When I live more in my body, I am more connected to my intuition, I feel calmer, less judgmental about my work and more focused on my intention.  My mind is no longer in the future, but it is right here, right now, connected to the movement of my body (if you haven’t yet, make sure to watch the video to see what the exercise is).

Practicing the grounding- and gearing-up energy allows me to find balance in my body.  My mind isn’t super quiet like it is during mediation, but the voices and mental commotion slow down enough for me to feel alive and creative and, at the same time, grounded and present.  I get to find my balance, and it’s right inside of me.  I can tap in at any moment because my body is always available for me to use.

Whether you are eagerly working on a project and veering on the edge of burnout, curious about the future yet anxious for what’s to come, or you feel like there is not enough time in your day to get it all done, take a moment to find your balance pose and gear-up/ground-down.  Gear up by filling your body with energy, with breath, with power, and ground down by exhaling, releasing, and anchoring yourself closer to the earth.

Spring is the perfect time to practice this tip because of all of the momentum and energy we have from our winter hibernating months.

Let me know how it goes by commenting below. Feel free to reach out for more support if you want to create other healthy and supportive habits and routines this spring season.