Discovering What Makes YOU Happy

These next series of blog entries are about knowing yourself.  Part of being mindful is about getting in touch with your inner thoughts and learning how those thoughts are connected to your body.   One of my goals is to get people to hear themselves a little better so they can create an hour, to a day, to years of a happier and healthier life.  Be mindful: stay true to your personal beliefs and act with confidence, sincerity and passion. Live the lives you wish to lead, and be resilient against challenges from your external environments. When we take care of ourselves and act to the best of our ability, we are better apt to nurture others and the world around us This first entry is about knowing what makes you happy: When you hit rough patches in life, find little things that give you pleasure so that you have the strength to keep fighting on. Knowing what makes you happy and incorporating those little (or big) joys into your daily routine is essential to being a healthy/functional human being.  These joys can include: starting your morning with a yummy cup of coffee, reading a good book, talking to someone you care about, doing an art project, saying something nice to yourself, exercising, playing sports or planning exciting trips.  Have hobbies and activities that give YOU something to look forward to and bring YOU pure enjoyment!

While I was sailing through my own personal shit storm, I had a hard time finding the light in the day.   I wasn't fully depressed, but I felt I was moving aimlessly through the days, yearning to feel any morsel of happiness I could grab. I found comfort and excitement in my days by exercising; I felt blood running through my body and got a burst of natural endorphins.  I treated myself to a yummy cup of coffee and something chocolately and I became mindful of the environments where I felt my best.  I learned that if I cannot be fully happy right now, I should figure out what settings I felt best in.  I realized who I wanted to spend my time with and what my idea of “fun” consisted of.  I also felt better whenever I helped others.  I did little things throughout my day like: smiling at strangers, making small talk with my bus driver, and holding doors open for other people. I saw how my behavior positively affected others and it made me feel better.   I also learned, and am continuing to learn, how to clean my life of toxic people, toxic thoughts and toxic behaviors. It makes no sense to live a moment of your life not at your best!  In order to do this, you have to know and hear yourself.

Suggestions: Spend some quiet time with yourself: meditate, write in a journal or think out loud in the shower.  Get in touch with your true self and discover hobbies that bring you joy.  If you are at a point in your life where you do not know what brings you joy, that is perfectly normal- most of us do not! Once you recognize that you're struggling to find happiness, you can break out of your shell and experience the world around.  Why not learn a new language, wear your favorite color, train for a triathlon, or start acting classes??? In trying new things, you will figure out what feels good to YOU.  We tend to lose sight of the little things in life that bring us joy so it is important to: PAUSE, BREATH, BECOME AWARE, REFLECT and ACT in a manner that suits YOU best.

After you learn what you like, incorporate your new hobbies into your daily routine.  This is vital! You need to take care of yourself mentally and physically every day. Take action in the day and do not let it slip away.  Develop a schedule, and don't forget to make time for yourself.  I know we all feel extremely busy, but you are no use to anyone else if you are not looking after yourself .  Doing at least one thing a day that makes you happy will add more light to your life, which means you will have more light to shine on others.

Be happy, Be healthy!