Don't Fall Back. Reflect Forward.

There is an energy shift in the Northern hemisphere as we enter into Fall where the weather cools down and the sun sets earlier.  A more rhythmic routine enters into our lives as everyone settles into the flow of back to school and back to business. We salvage the days where we get those final tastes of summer, before the cooler days set in.  We get to observe nature go into hibernation and rest up for its busy months of spring and summer.  Unlike the trees and flowers, we humans do not get a long extended break from our lives to recharge.  Instead, we need to take time each day to PAUSE, BREATHE, BECOME AWARE, REFLECT, and ACT.   We need to check in with ourselves and make sure we are living happy, healthy and true lives. A new season brings upon the opportunity to renew oneself, so try asking yourself: What lessons have you learned? What skills would you like to grow? What goals would you like to achieve?  PAUSING, BREATHING and REFLECTING on yourself are powerful tools to bring mindfulness into your daily life so you can feel recharged and invigorated throughout the winter months. Suggestions: Take and make the time in your day to connect to yourself.  Think about your values and goals and take action in creating a life where you are your healthiest and joyous self! Enjoy time meditating, taking walks, cooking, writing, dancing or creating art.  Remember to not FALL back, but REFLECT forward.  Be YOUR best self!