Turn That Frown Upside Down

Have you ever been stressed, anxious, hurt or nervous? What did those feelings feel like? Did you feel the emotion not only in your mind, but in some part of your body as well? If so, what sensations arose? It makes complete sense that our emotions will not only be discovered in the brain, but also be felt somewhere in the body. Our mind and body are connected! What you think and how you react affects your nervous system, which affects your overall well-being.  When you feel stressed you may feel this sensation in your neck, lower back or even your head.  When these displaced pockets of emotion arise in the body, it is a sign that one is not in control of his/her emotions and is not balanced.  Negative vibes have infiltrated the mind and body, weakening the nervous system, which can be very detrimental to one’s health.  In order to help release some of these toxic emotions from the mind and body, YOU must learn to keep your thoughts positive and judgment free. Train your mind to let go of negativity and view situations with a positive twist.  This simple trick will do you wonders!

Suggestions: Spend some time sitting with yourself. Draw your attention inwards.  Notice if there are pockets of tension throughout the body and slowly draw awareness to why you feel tense. Learn to connect the physical feeling to the emotion. Notice how your mind wanders to a negative sentiment.  This is completely normal, however, not what you want to turn into a habit.  Instead, try acknowledging that negative emotion or thought and twist it into a positive one. Let that negative weight float away while you try to view life with more positives!  Sometimes it may feel hard to see the good in something, but trust the process and realize it is there. Own that positive perspective and envision it.  Over time, you will watch tension disappear from your body, and you will live a happier and lighter life because you have found YOUR positives from within so you depend less on the outside world for reinforcement.