How are you feeling today?

Personally, I am struck by how hard I am taking the results to this election. My heart aches for our country in anticipation of the future... yet, when I pause to think and just be present in this discomfort and heartache, I realize I don’t actually know what the future holds. I can spend a lot of time getting anxious and worked up about the thought of ObamaCare being revoked or gay marriage rights and abortion laws dismantled, yet when I find my feet and come back to this moment and my breath, I realize I have no clue what will be. All I know and can do is take this moment to feel and acknowledge myself and be the change I want to see. So, I want to invite you to join me as I feel and acknowledge our individual and collective emotions.

Give yourself permission to experience what is true and alive in this moment. Express yourself, instead of numbing the sensations with booze, food, or TV. Take a moment to practice any or all of these self-expression techniques so that you can learn to let your emotions move you forward versus hold you back. Remember, you get to take personal responsibility of how you show up in your community and your world. 

- - -

Journal - Take as much or as little time as you want to sit down and be with your journal. Ask yourself the prompt: “What is alive in me in this moment?” Keep your pen to the page the whole time and let the thoughts and emotions roll through you onto the page.

Dance - Dancing is a great form of physical self-expression. Whether you lock yourself in a room by yourself or join a class, take that space and place to process the energy that is alive and true for you. My current fav song to bust a move to.
Connect - Make a conscious choice to reach out to your community and connect. Whether that is a phone call or an in-person meet up, share your feelings and connect with someone who will listen, acknowledge and support you.
Meditate - Maybe you are craving more solo time to just be with yourself, to breathe and feel your emotions and notice your thoughts without judgment or external noise. Try setting aside at least 20 minutes to be still. Taking some quiet space for you to hear yourself on a deeper level could be just what the doctor ordered. Meditations to check out. 
Nature Walk - Spend an hour in nature and notice the beauty that is still alive in the world. Taking this mindful nature walk creates a place to think and feel as you take each step and breathe in fresh air. Getting outside helps connect us to mother nature and the wisdom and knowledge that lies in the greater world around us.

Let me know what you decide to practice by emailing me or tagging a friend in a social media shoutout. As always, I am here to support you, so feel free to reach out for more connection.

Lots of love & healing energy,