Healthy for the Holidays Interview with #LadyBoss Krista Petty Raimer

Krista shared so many great tips in our conversation about how we get to practice realistic self-care during the craziness of the holidays. My Wade a Minute takeaway is that we get caught up in the superficial details of how we "should look" or what the table decorations "should be" instead of focusing our energy on how we want to show up. It is all about finding and creating meaningful connection so we don't stuff our faces or numb our emotions. Check out the full interview below and share your comments about what resonates with you!

Coach. Trainer. Evocateur. Possibilitarian.  Krista believes there is an innate wisdom in the body that can open us to greater possibilities of living, loving and learning.  Through her body-centered coaching, she is passionate about championing others to move beyond limitations and live a life they love!  She has devoted her skills and talents to creating experiential learning environments that evoke the depth and greater dimensions of human being.  This is her life's work. What an amazing dance!  Krista Petty Raimer is the CEO and Founder of Boldly Embody Life.  She lives in Seattle, WA and brings her power-house coaching and phenomenal workshops to various cities and countries around the world.  

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