How to deal with FOMO

Fear Of Missing Out can hit you hard at anytime thanks to the world of social media.  Our urban networks keep us closely connected, constantly engaged and informed no matter the distance. There are many benefits of social media such as finding lost friends, sharing words of wisdom and staying updated on the latest news. However, social media can also cause a tremendous amount of anxiety that cannot only affect how you interact with the inter-webs, but it can also affect your sense of self. Not anymore. Learn how to turn FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) into MOFO (Mindful Of Future Opportunities)

How many times a day do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram or Facebook to discover what your friends and family are up to? What do you notice about your reaction when you see all of your best friends together while you aren’t there? What jokes are you missing? What invite did you not receive? What traveling experience are you jealous of? FOMO can hit hard and that sense of being left out can cause a degree of anxiety, sadness and frustration. It is completely natural. However, the effects of FOMO can become so powerful that it can leave you feeling lost with a weaker sense of self. Your mind might flow to thoughts of “should I move back” or “should I have gone out”—all questions that judge your previous decisions. What would it feel like to experience social media without letting your emotions get the best of you?

Heck, I know I am guilty of falling into these emotional dips that affect my confidence. The sting of inadequacy lingers and leaves me feeling deflated and lonely. When looking back, I feel silly that I let a picture cause such a strong emotional reaction. That’s why I practice some techniques of how to turn FOMO into MOFO.

Top 3 ways to turn FOMO into MOFO:

1. Connect with yourself before you connect to the cyber world

Make meditating, journaling or pausing to contemplate part of your daily routine. Discover how creating a mindful moment in your day allows you to tap inwards so you can be fully be aware and present. Start the day off by strengthening your own foundation and core before you enter the day to interact with others.

2. Smile

Smile while you scroll through social media. Notice how smiling more creates natural endorphins that help shift you into a good mood and fills your social media moment with joy instead of envy. Don’t zombie out while you read your newsfeed but smile and feel grateful for yourself and the life you have created in this present moment.

3. Silence the noise

Ever notice how your mind starts to wander and create stories the moment you see a photo? This is called your ‘Monkey Mind’. Heighten your awareness and try to catch your mind before it spirals into an exaggerated and false story. Acknowledge you do not know all of the facts, and let your mind be at ease because it is not worth getting yourself upset.

Turn FOMO into a thing of the past by practicing MOFO. Connect to your unique set of values, goals and authentic life by focus your energy and time on what matters most to you.

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