It is Time to Celebrate! For Spring, for Birthdays and for Life!

Celebrating is an important part of life that we sometimes forget to do, oftentimes because, once we hit our goal or cross a task off our list, we jump right to the next challenge. Does that sound familiar? Or time goes by so fast that we don’t pause to acknowledge how far we have come and all that we have accomplished. Instead, we keep our attention geared on how far we still have to go or all the never-ending tasks that we still have left to do!

I know I’m guilty.  For instance, I just celebrated a birthday a few days ago and took some alone time to reflect. I cuddled up in the sun with my journal and dove into my being-ness. I realized that as I began the next year of my life, my mind kept returning to all that’s missing and how far I still am away from my ideal life. My mind raced to how my career isn’t where I thought it would be at this age, my friendships could be stronger, how I wish that I’d taken that cool Ayurvedic course or that my health isn’t just a little better.  I observed my mind spin, spiraling into thoughts of doubt, sadness and lack-of. This only occurred for a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity.  

Instead of getting sucked into the vortex of my negative self-talk, I practiced my SELF (Stop, Exhale, Listen, Focus) method to combat these destructive thoughts. I said to myself, “ STOP, Wade.” I EXHALED loudly out of my mouth to release tension/toxicity. I LISTENED to my body and mind, and then I FOCUSED on the facts.  I focused on the fact that it is my fucking birthday and I get to celebrate me instead of attacking myself. Thank goodness, my SELF-method kicked in because I realized my self-talk was being the “Debbie-downer” of my birthday.  I had the opportunity to snap out of it and switch my thinking and celebrate instead of having a pity party! I was able to focus on the facts this year and celebrate all that I have done, seen, tried, learned, tasted and experienced. I celebrated the fact that my business has grown. I bought a house last summer. I have a growing, loving community in Seattle. I hit my five year clear-of-cancer marker. I am partnering with Whole Foods on some cool workshops. Centered in the City is flourishing. I am the Director of Pilates at a fabulous gym. I am deepening my meditation practice. I have a loving and supportive partner, loving friends from all over and my family and I are still close despite our distance…the list could go on!

There are so many things in life to celebrate and be grateful for, and it can sometimes be hard to remember that. The way we talk to ourselves has a huge impact on how we take care of ourselves and how we show up in our lives, hindering out ability to boldly live.  Celebrating doesn’t just have to be because of a holiday. Instead, every moment is an opportunity to change your thinking and celebrate! Notice how much more energy and enthusiasm you will have in your life, relationships, career and experiences.

So what are you celebrating? Celebrate and dance with me in my monthly Wade a Minute video!

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