New Year's Day Practice

Words are powerful. But what's even more powerful is when you connect words to action. As you enter into 2017, I want to welcome you to think about one word -- or a few words, a phrase -- that you want to use as your 2017 power intention. 

Grounding myself with a word or short phrase is one of the most powerful tools I practice year after year. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with all the individual "things" I could do in 2017, it helps to create a personal statement of intention that supports me when making decisions and creating priorities. My word in 2015 was connect. Connect meant I was going to spend time connecting to myself, to my community, my clients, to Seattle and to my relationships. I used my empowering word to take action. Whenever I felt stuck, I re-rooted myself into my power intention to help guide the way. Selecting an empowering word or phrase is a great way to clarify and prioritize what your desires and wants are -- supporting you living and loving your life.

My phrase for 2016 was to spread my wings and fly. This was an empowering statement my mom said to me before she passed, and these empowering sentiments guided me this past year to follow my heart and my dreams. Looking back on 2016, I see how much my wings have spread and I have even more clarity on where I want to fly.

In 2017, I welcome the word abundance as my new year's power intention. I am excited to wear the lens of bounty and inclusivity. I am excited to grow and learn as I dive deeper into the wealth of knowledge available to me in my higher education programs this year, focusing specifically on meditation and facilitation. I am excited to turn my attention and focus to where there is shared love, light, and opportunity versus living with the notion 'there's-not-enough'.

What is your one word or phrase you want to embrace in 2017? Please share (in-person, in the comments below email, social media, snaps, grams, phone!). If you did this activity last year, take a moment to reflect and connect. See what dots aligned and what you might want to do differently this next year.