Quick fix to get through mid-week blues without a sugar-booster

Need a mid-week, midday pick-me-up?  Follow this simple, calorie-free tool to tap in to your happy place, feel energized and live life with purpose and ease. How? Simply connect to a happy moment!  It will shift your energy and give you the strength to take charge of your day and week without relying on an extra cup of coffee or candy bar.  To own happy, follow this happiness hack by consciously creating space in your day to pause, breathe, reflect, smile and share.

1. Pause

Pause for a mindful moment in the middle of your day—creating space and time to just BE. Ditch the gadgets so that you can clear the clutter and feel physically and mentally present.

2. Breathe

Connect to your breath and breathe in for a count of 5, then breathe out for a count of 5. Notice how your mind and body slow down and anchor you in the present moment. Repeat this cycle 3 times (or more) to achieve a deeper sense of calm and peace—melting your thoughts and worries away.

3. Reflect

Allow your mind and body to wander to your happy place.  Think of the last time every cell in your body felt alive. What made your heart sing and your soul want to fly?  Visualize that activity, place, person or moment.  Soak it in and connect to the smells, sights, sounds, textures and tastes of your happy moment.  If you notice your mind wandering off course, bring it back to your happy place by returning your attention to your breath.

4. Smile

Smile!  Notice how smiling activates positive vibrations in your body and allows you to physically feel more of what your mind is experiencing.  

Psychology Today explains, when you smile, you are automatically releasing endorphins, serotonin and dopamine into the bloodstream—working to make your mind and body feel good from the inside out. 

5. Share

Share your happy moment with a friend, your journal or social media!  Studies show that when you share your happy moments, you are not only strengthening your positive vibes but creating a ripple affect that helps others feel good too! Express what owning your happiness looks and feels like!  Get creative! Whether it is a picture, quote, song or piece of artwork—share the love.  Notice how expressing your happy moment shifts your energy and gives you enough power and desire to live your day with tenacity.  Allow yourself to feel your inner strength by owning your emotions and celebrating them out loud! Remember, laughter and smiles are contagious, so pass them along.

Bonus Tip: Join the OWN HAPPY on Hump Day Challenge and share your happy moments every Wednesday in May @wetapin @wadebrill #ownhappy. Tap in to those happy moments for some extra endorphins, inspiration and good vibes!