Routinely Checking In

Long weekends or extended vacations from your everyday routine are the perfect time to mindfully examine your habits. The time and space away from your apartment, house, job, gym, and grocery store gets you out of your flow and into a more organic and present way of being.

Gallivanting on my month of travels, I had no set plans, only ideas of what I wanted to see and do. At first, the thought of having nothing booked was scary. There was nothing tangible for my mind to wrap its hands around. However, setting myself “free” from plans kept me present in the moment and in-tune to what I actually wanted to do. I noticed that when I got back home, I felt confused. I wasn’t sure how to interact with my bedroom or kitchen. I was out of my normal routine for so long that those automatic muscles and habits weren’t firing. After a day or two of settling back in, I felt resistance within me. It was the internal conflict of my automatic habits wanting to jump back into action vs my resistance to be ever so present and in tune to what choices I actually wanted to make. This awareness hit me as I reached for my cupboard to have an afternoon snack that I actually wasn’t hungry for just because it was something I “normally” did. I paused to reflect on other choices I made since being home and recognized how my robotic footsteps retraced my after dinner-routine of grabbing my computer to finish up some work on my couch… why?... not quite sure!  

I watched myself slip back into my routines, and it shocked me to recognize how robotic I was!  Believe me, I know it’s normal to have rituals and routines. It’s actually something I help my coaching clients create  Whether it is figuring out how to fit grocery shopping into their week, scheduling their fitness classes in advance or performing an energizing mourning ritual. A lot of time these routines serve as a nurturing support. They are efficient; they keep us on track and create flow throughout our day. But as we know, there is a balance to everything we do in life. Sometimes we sink too deep into our flow and become robotic. We go too deep into our routines and lose sight of what choices are actually serving us vs what has just become a habit. And maybe the habit of going food shopping every Monday worked for you last month, but maybe this month it’s not jiving with your new flow.

This is why I am grateful to have a mindfulness practice. It helps me slow down time and pause before I act to ask myself: Is this what I want? Is this what works best for my intention at hand?

So the next time you go away for the weekend or plan your winter vacay , take time to notice what habits serve you and what habits you are ready to let go of or replace. Creating space away from your day to day is a perfect way to reflect on what choices are right for you.

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