Savor vs. Consume


As the bright lights of the holidays twinkle and glow, I am reminded of how much I want to savor this time versus consume it. I want to savor and soak in the warmth of fireplaces, the sound of clinking glasses, the touch of cozy sweaters, and the smell of roasted veggies cooking in the oven.

Yes, the holidays can be a hustle and we can be sucked into "consumer-ville" if we let ourselves get caught in the whirlwind, but I have noticed over the years, what keeps me present while doing less and being more is focusing my attention on savoring the moment versus consuming it. Whether that moment is listening to a conversation, enjoying a piece of chocolate or sipping on my coffee, savoring the experience makes it way more rich and fulfilling. When I savor the experience, I actually feel like I am able to enjoy it fully and receive it. Consuming food, consuming gifts, consuming an experience makes the process feel empty and I am never satisfied. I want more and more because neither the taste, sights or sounds ever feel like enough. And living in a consumption mindset sucks because it means you are constantly striving for more and that shit can get exhausting.

So this holiday season, I welcome you to practice the art of SAVORING.