What are you committed to? 


What are you committed to? 

The theme of commitment has been on my mind lately. Probably due to the fact that I am getting married in 10 days (!) and have been reflecting on this word as I write my vows and step into this next chapter. It has been a powerful practice to explore what commitment means to me and where and what I am committed to in all areas of my life. The way I define commitment is having a deep sense of focus and being consistently dedicated based on my intentions and actions.

When I reflected on this prompt a few weeks ago, some areas of my life felt very obvious that I have been committed to. For instance my mental, emotional and physical health. I recognize this is an area that I am constantly making a priority in my schedule, putting my financial resources towards and following through with action. Then there are some areas I think I am committed to because I have been in the past, but when I look at the current results, I recognize I haven’t put the action in full gear. I had this realization with some of my friendships, which was hard to recognize, but also super powerful because it gave me insight on where I get to course correct.

In a world where everything is changing and moving at the speed of light, even our attention spans, it is powerful to think about where are you focused and what are you constantly dedicated to and showing up for?  Sometimes we can think or say, I am committed to my health and have the intention to be, but then there might be a lack of action because we never make it to the gym or fit our meditation practice in. Or maybe you have heard yourself say, I am committed to finding a romantic partner, but then there is a lack of consistent action in setting up dates and following through and then frustration and self-defeat arise because you are not having the results you want.

“Commitment is an act, not a word.”- Jean-Paul Sartre

And sometimes we might over-commit to life. Saying we want to do all of these things (learn how to sail, study a new language, cook more, find a partner, travel etc.) and then our plate can get too full and instead of doing well and following through with intentional action in certain areas, we half-ass a bunch of stuff and never get to where we want to be. Any of this ringing a bell for you?

 I welcome you to ponder the word commitment with me this month. Think/journal/discuss where in life you are truly committed. Ask yourself: What am I constantly dedicated to? And get yourself to truly look at the “proof in the pudding.” What are am I celebrating about my commitment levels? Where do I see some gaps that I can fill?