Semi Annual Check In

We are officially halfway through the year people. Holy shit, time has flown on by. Do you feel that way too? I mean I can’t believe it is July already!

Taking a pause to look back at the New Year, do you remember what empowering word/phrase you chose for 2016? If not, I encourage you to look back at your journal and re-familiarize yourself.  Or if you didn’t create one, make one now! Read this blog post to learn how. 

My phrase this year was spread my wings and fly. To me, this translated into setting myself free from everything that holds me back. Whether it's thoughts of 'what if', fears or doubts, I am committed to spreading my wings and flying above it. As much as this phrase means to set myself free, it also represented serving and supporting others with my wings.

At the beginning of the month I took some time to pause and re-connect to my 2016 intentions and empowering phrase to evaluate how far I have come and where else I want to grow.  Sometimes, with the change in seasons, the passing of time and the chaos of life, we can be thrown off balance or get distracted from what we really want. Re-connecting with your empowering word will help you evaluate your progress and re-set your focus for the next six months. If thinking about the next six months feels daunting or overwhelming, break the six months into three-month chunks (July –September & October-December). Or, you can look at it as the Summer and Fall months. Then ask yourself: What ways do I want my empowering word to support me? For instance, if your word was connect, ask yourself with curiosity, what ways do I want to connect further to myself, my community, my work, nature, the world? Without filtering yourself, brain-dump a big list of all the ways you want to further your growth. Make your goals as detailed and tangible as possible. For instance, I want to connect with my community by volunteering at the Beacon Hill food bank. Or, I want to feel more connected to my body, so I am going to learn how to meditate. Feel free to brain-dump as much as you want. However, be mindful that your list doesn’t become a list of “should-dos” but instead they are more of your soul goals deeply rooted in your intentions for 2016—an outlet for your truth to be expressed.

To make your list more actionable, circle your top six soul goals and assign one to each month.  If you end up wanting to add more than one per month, go for it, but make sure the month’s soul goal supports the month being more in balance than burdened. I personally like printing out blank calendars and writing my soul goal at the top of the page so I can make that my month’s theme. Check out my video here as I explain it. Then, within each date of the calendar, I can create smaller, more digestible action steps. For instance, research volunteer guidelines on the food banks website, go visit the location, sign up for a shift etc.

Taking time to consciously pause and tap back into your empowering 2016 word support you making yourself a priority in life. You get to put your desires, wants and needs first so you can have more energy and feel more empowered. You will never get this time back in life, so make these next six months as meaningful and intentional as you want. This is not meant to cause anxiety; it is meant to help you wake up from any sleep-walking habits and take charge of your beautiful life.

If you realize you feel lost or overwhelmed when tapping into your empowering word and you want more support getting back on track, hit me up for a complimentary discovery session. We will figure out what is getting in your way and where you want to grow so you can make yourself a priority in the final months of 2016. This way when you look back on New Year 2017, you will feel empowered by all of your growth. I only have three spots open this month so claim yours here.


Happy Summer!