Sniffling in Seattle

I am suffering from serious allergies here in the Pacific Northwest.  My entire face feels like it is vacuum-sealed shut, preventing me from fully breathing. Anyone who has ever suffered from allergies knows how uncomfortable it is to breathe out of your mouth constantly while tied to a tissue box.  I have lost all sense of taste and smell, replaced by a cloudy sense of vision and hearing.  Due to my physically-uncomfortable state, I have been irritable, unmotivated, and unable to stay present.  After two weeks, I finally hit a wall.

The frustration in my body and mind inspired me to do some journaling—to dig to the bottom of my true emotions.  An aha moment arose when I realized I wasn’t feeling like myself because I wasn’t truly breathing.  Not breathing deeply made my body feel more tight and anxious.  Sensing this constant agitation prevented me from being present in the moment and living with ease.  It also made my hands and taste buds want to persistently snack and eat because I couldn’t taste anything to feel satisfied!  Constantly snacking made me feel out of balance.  Feeling out of balance averted me from consciously being able to express myself—creating a vicious cycle—until I took the time and space to pause, breathe (in this case sniffle), reflect on my thoughts and emotions and then release.  I was mindfully able to let go of this frustration and allow my mind and body to defog.

I am inspired to share this mini story with you because I find this to be a perfect example of how important our breath is.  When you are not fully breathing you are not fully living. Breath is our life force.  It gives our cells oxygen, providing our body energy to keep moving forward.  When you aren’t breathing, you don’t have energy to feed and fuel the strength of your body.  When you don’t feel strong, it is hard to feel present and in tune to your brilliance.  When we can’t connect to our brilliance, we are not able to see the opportunities and possibilities of life.  Therefore, I encourage you to breathe deeply. Constantly come back to your breath.  Find your life force and consciously live from it.  Allow your breath to recharge you and keep you centered, focused and on your brilliant path.  Know that your breath is your friend and is there to help you live a healthier and happier life.