Tidying our Minds


Have you been sucked into Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? I am loving how she is normalizing the power of being intentional with organizing our stuff so that we aren’t overwhelmed, anxious or suffocated by the things we own.

Learning how to manage the clutter that comes with the chaos of life is a skill that gets to be practiced daily. We are not only physically stimulated by all of the “stuff” we carry around in our personal space, but on average, we receive 34 Gigabytes of information per day to our mental space. That’s a lot of information! With all of this superficial input of images, words, sights, and sounds our minds receive, we need ways to clear the mental clutter and make space to think deeply and connect to our feelings and emotions.

To support you in decluttering your mind and making space for more conscious connection, check out my latest meditation recording up on the Centered in the City Podcast.