What to Harvest Vs. Let go?

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I can’t believe I am saying ‘Happy September!’ Wow did this summer fly on by. When you transition from the high energy of summer to a slower pace, walking down the street with a pumpkin latte, wearing your bomber jackets, it is only natural that your rhythms and routines change. As you welcome in a new season, ask yourself: What are you ready to harvest and enjoy and what are you ready to let go of?

Just like the farmer’s markets this time of year flow with an abundance of yumminess that took all summer to grow, you too have been planting seeds and working hard (even if you don’t realize it). Fall is the time to become aware of what you want to harvest and enjoy/store for winter or what you are ready to say goodbye to, just like the leaves that will fall off the trees.

Both harvesting and letting go can be challenging for different reasons. For instance, a lot of my clients have a hard time celebrating their growth, beauty and their life’s deliciousness. They think they don’t deserve it or the “harvest” isn’t ready because it is not perfect enough. Sound familiar?  I know I used to feel that way about the book I wrote. I wasn’t “ready” to send it out to publishers and agents because that voice of not being perfect constantly buzzed in my ears. I then realized I can’t keep growing and evolving if I am not reaping the benefits of what I produce, so I changed my frame of mind and said ‘yes’ and ‘thank you’ to my beautiful harvest. And now I am currently in contact with a few publishers… crazy how the universe works.

Letting go. Letting go is really fucking hard to do. When I start to work with clients, I often witness them hold on to toxic energy because they don’t know how to manage their emotions and feel in control of their reactions. Instead, they lash out, shut down or they get stuck in the past—memories of painful relationships or devastating experiences are common. When we practice letting go, it doesn’t mean we have to pretend those hurtful events never happened or you never felt pain. Instead, you start to practice detaching that emotion from your current experience so the emotion is still real and raw, but the emotion doesn’t have to dictate how you respond or react. The emotion doesn’t have to define you. So, think about your own life and experiences. What ideas, past events or current beliefs are you ready to let go of? Remember, letting go is a continual practice, not perfect.

In order to help you decide what you want to harvest and what you want to let go of, I have a bunch of amazing tools and supports that I am so excited to share with you this fall! They are all geared towards supporting you making yourself a priority in your life.

The first tool I want to share with you is my NEW Tap-in Express Workbook. There are 25 pages of empowering & enlightening questions for an at-home, self study. Make doing the inner work a priority so you can grow into fall. Also, stay connected with me on Snapchat (@Wadebrill) this month as I will be sharing stories of ways I am enjoying my fall harvest and things I am ready to ditch and say goodbye to.