I, We & The All

We are stepping into one of my favorite months of the year. Not just because April is my birthday month, but because this month is where the northern hemisphere starts to come out of hibernation. The days are longer, Mother Nature is doing her beautiful thang and we humans get to wear less layers. YAY for wearing less clothes! Bring on the flip flops and sun dresses!

As life is blossoming around me, it gets me thinking about how I am  contributing to the gift of life. How am I taking care of my own life, my loved ones, the greater community around me and the world at large?

In order to reflect on this philosophical question, I create 3 different categories to make this question feel less daunting and more tangible. The 3 categories are broken into: "I" , "We", & "All."

"I" is all about you. How are you making yourself a priority? What personal and professional goals are you breathing life into? In what  ways are you nourishing yourself and the life you want to live?

"We" is about you and your community. This can be your family, your friends, your neighbors, co-workers, your local coffee shop, etc. How are you connecting and contributing to the life that is around you?

"All" is about the greater world, Mother Nature and the human race. How are you contributing to a global vision for the world? What do you want to see happen in the world?

I we all.jpg

Thinking about your daily footprint in these three areas helps create perspective in how you want to live both locally and globally.

For me, it  helps me think about how taking care of myself not only affects me, but it affects the world around me. It is a reminder that I don’t live in a bubble and however I am treating myself ripples into the world around me. When we give life to ourselves, we can then be in greater service to the people around us. Connecting to the “We” empowers me to take personal responsibility in my family and community relationships. I get to be more present with how I connect and communicate with people and places in my everyday life.  And connecting to the “All” highlights how I can have a voice and impact in our world from a political, social, economical and environmental perspective. And we all know how much our world needs us to show up right now.

What ways do you want to connect and breathe life into the “I”, “We” and “All” this spring? I'd love to hear and celebrate with you! Share and celebrate what life you want to create with me here.