New Year Power Intention

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018! If you follow me on social media, you know I am so pumped to share one of my favorite New Year's Day activities with you! This activity helps you create a mindset intention for the year so you can stay focused and connected to how you want to be in 2018. In essence, I want to welcome you to think about one word -- or a few words, a phrase -- that you want to use as your 2018 powerful intention. 

Grounding myself with a word or short phrase is one of the most powerful tools I practice year after year. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with all the individual "things" I could do in 2018, it helps to create a personal statement of intention that supports me when making decisions, creating priorities and shifting my mindset. I use my empowering word to take action. Whenever I feel stuck, I re-ground into my power intention to help guide the way. Selecting an empowering word or phrase is a great way to clarify and prioritize what your desires and wants are -- supporting you living and loving your life.

In 2017, I welcomed the word abundance as my power intention. I wore the lens of bounty and inclusivity, which allowed me to not only think more abundant thoughts, but create more abundance in my business and personal life.  One of my biggest takeaways after playing with the idea of abundance this year is that abundance is always available, even in those moments of scarcity. I can choose to see the plethora of opportunity, options and win/win scenarios versus keeping my mindset on what's not working, where there isn't enough. I know from the power of coaching, "wherever you attention goes, your energy flows." Meaning, when I keep my eyes on the "prize" that's what gets to comes alive.  

My power intention for 2018 is BOLD & light.  These words will guide me as a north star to making decisions and choices aligned to what being bold and light means to me. Anytime I get suck, want inspiration or don't know what to say, I get to useBOLD & light to help guide me through.


What is your one word or phrase you want to embrace in 2018? 

To support your reflection process, let me help you pick the perfect word for 2018:

1.  Journal the prompts below:

  • What are you celebrating from 2017?
  • How do you want to feel in 2018? (Describe in full detail)
  • What would your life look like if you gave yourself full permission to do, to be or to say anything?

2. Circle all of the words that stand out and then narrow it down to three.

3. Ask yourself: Do these three words create an empowering phrase for me? If yes, you got your phrase for 2018!

If not, narrow your word choice down by closing your eyes and breathing in and out each word. Notice, which word stands out to you the most? Note whether it brings you tingles, creates some fire in your belly or makes you smile.

Watch as the perfect word or words come alive for you!

4. Create a visual of your word/words. Whether is it a fancy drawing or a post-it note, place a visual of your power intention somewhere you will see on a daily basis.

5. Please share! I love hearing what north-star, you create! Comment below or share some love on social media @onewade.