"I am like a recovering perfectionist. For me, it is about one day at a time."
~ Brene Brown

I have been doing some deep self development work in the last 6 months, and it is so exciting to reflect on what I am learning about myself!

“Wow, wait... Wade does personal development work still? Isn’t she a coach and should know everything about herself?” 

First off, let me dispel this thought you may be wondering about because I get it a lotttt. No matter who you are, even if you’re Oprah, you never stop learning and doing your own personal development work. If we stop learning about ourselves, then we stop growing. And who wants to stop growing? I for sure know I don’t want to.

So, back to sharing my growth. Essentially, I never considered myself a perfectionist. I figured that I always do the best I can, and some days I am happier with the outcome than others. But what I have discovered over the past six months is that I am a CLOSETED PERFECTIONIST, and it has held me back from letting my creativity be expressed fully. I have had countless ideas for my book, for programs, workshops or even decorating my space that I have paused or squashed these ideas because of the fear it won't be perfect. And boy oh boy this mentality felt like a mental prison. I was constantly stuck in the wantingto-create yet failure-to-launch phase. Have you experienced that before?

After loads of introspection, I discovered a tool that works for me to help navigate the bullsh*t so that I can create the goodsh*t. Whenever I go to rework a portion of my book, brainstorm an idea for a workshop or create a pinterest board for design work, I say to myself: This is version one. This is version one.  When I repeat this motto, it quiets my monkey mind’s thoughts and worries: what if it sucks, what if I fail, what if it doesn’t look good, what if I don't like it, what if no one signs up etc. This motto cuts through the bullsh*t and supports me getting over the hurdle that prevents me from creating. I get to remember that I can always fix, rework, adjust, try again or alter my work however I may need. But I can’t grow personally or professionally or serve my clients/community if I am not creating. I not only end up suffocating myself, but I restrict the world from receiving my gifts.

So, now I turn to you and ask: where might you be showing up as a perfectionist in your life? Is it at work? While you are cooking? Writing? Dating?

What would life look like if you too came out of the perfectionist closet? What greater impact may you have in your work, relationships, community and the world? What gifts are you hiding? If you created your own perfectionist motto, what would you say to yourself?

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