Set Your New Year Power Intention


Grounding myself with a word or short phrase is one of the most powerful tools I practice year after year. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with all the individual "things" I could do in 2019, it helps to create a personal statement of intention that supports me when making decisions, creating priorities and shifting my mindset. I use my power intention to take action. Whenever I feel stuck, I re-ground into my power intention to help guide the way. Selecting an empowering word or phrase is a great way to clarify and prioritize what your desires and wants are -- supporting you living and loving your life.

In 2018, Bold & light was my power intention for the year. I incorporated boldness into my life when it came to trying new things and taking action. For instance, learning how to drive and taking my coaching business into the consultant corporate world.  Light was a physical and mental reminder to lighten up and find more ease when things felt tight. I know from the power of coaching, "wherever your  intention goes, your energy flows." Meaning, when I plant my power intention, that is where my attention goes and that's where I get to focus my gaze.

My power intention for 2019 is JOY. Pure joy. Joy is the syrupy sweet juice of life that is available in every moment. Joy is the sensation of floating on clouds. Joy is the excitement and sparkles I get when eating something delicious. Joy is filled with smiles and love as I bubble with excitement to see my husband at the end of the day or wake up in each other’s arms.

As I set my power intention for a new year, I get to pay attention to what joy feels like in my body, what activities bring me joy, what people bring me joy and most of all how I get to be a representation of joy and spread those vibes to others. I get to create and cultivate the sparkles of joy.
Now it’s your turn. What is your one word or phrase you want to embrace in 2019 as your power intention? 

To support your reflection process, walk through these steps and see what you discover:

1.  Journal the prompts below:

  • What are you celebrating from 2018? Where do you see some gaps?

  • How do you want to feel in 2019? (Describe in full detail)

  • What would your life look like if you gave yourself full permission to do, to be or to say anything?

2. Reflect on what you just wrote and circle all of the words that stand out to you. Now, narrow it down to one, two or three words (no more or it just turns into a laundry list).

3. Ask yourself: Does this word(s) create an empowering phrase for me? If yes, you got your power intention for 2019!

If not, narrow your word choice down by closing your eyes and breathing each word in and out. Notice which word stands out to you the most? Note whether it brings you tingles, opens your heart, creates some fire in your belly or makes you smile. These are typically signs that you discovered something meaningful.

4. Create a visual for your power intention. Whether is it a fancy drawing or a post-it note, place a visual of your power intention somewhere you will see on a daily basis.

Take note as the perfect word or words come alive for you! Please share! (in-person, email, social media, snaps, grams, phone!). If you did this activity last year, take a moment to reflect and connect. See what dots aligned and what you might want to do differently this upcoming year. 

5. Use it or lose it. Let's start integrating your power intention into your life right away. Access this FREE January calendar to start making your power intention come alive.  Watch the video of me walking you through how to complete it.

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Wishing you the most magical year yet!