Receiving Birthday Love

I wanted to personally thank you all for celebrating my birthday with me this last month. With the donation-based coaching calls last month, we raised over $1,500 together to donate to the Leukemia Lymphoma society while creating some pretty powerful action steps on our calls. It is amazing the impact that giving to ourselves and others can create.  

It is also amazing to truly experience the gift of receiving. This was the first birthday in years where I truly felt I could receive all of the love and celebration from my community. In the past, receiving has been super challenging for me. I am way more comfortable in the giving zone. Can you relate?

What shifted for me was learning how to let go of controlling the situation and needing the outcome of the events to meet my expectations. Aka, being a perfectionista. I typically find myself fixating on the details of the experience instead of focusing my energy on how I want to feel. In reality, I’d rather focus on my relationship to the people I celebrate with and let the details unfold as they will. When I fixate on the expectations, it is typically never "good enough" and it makes me and everyone else around me feel shitty. Have you experienced failed expectations before? They suck!

However, this year, I intentionally practiced a new approach. I was very clear and vocal about what I wanted and then practiced letting go of the rest. I took personal responsibility to share my vision so no one was left guessing (because that shit can get messy...believe me!). Instead of holding onto the perfect event in my mind, I brought my focus to the gratitude of ALL that was happening. I saw the love, effort and intention behind everyone's efforts and actions. When I allowed myself to step back from the needing it to look a certain way, I was actually able to feel and receive the love.

This month, I welcome you to practice receiving with me--receiving love, celebration, acknowledgement, compassion, ease...whatever your mind/body/heart are yearning for.

I hope you join me for Mindfulness in May and practice receiving some self-love. Get updated emails by signing up here.

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