Where in your life is calling for a YES?


Last week, I got back from a spontaneous week long retreat in Tulum, Mexico with one of my coaching mentors. I bought my flight 5 days before I left and it was probably one of the most impulsive big decisions I have ever made (!), but I am so grateful I said YES to myself.

When this opportunity presented itself to me, I felt my logical brain say, “this doesn't make sense, I already made commitments that I don't want to cancel.” I could also hear this little internal voice chirping at me saying, "I don't deserve it. This is too extravagant. You are traveling too much already." Have you ever experienced that nagging logical voice before?

While processing this decision, I recognized I was trapped in a story that I didn’t deserve this trip. I was feeding the story that keeps me small and safe in life. And when I listened deeper to myself, I could hear this trip was what I truly wanted. I turned inwards to the voice and said, “I appreciate you showing up and telling me this is a big and important investment (financially, time and energy), but I do deserve this and this IS what I WANT!” I bought my ticket, said yes to taking bold moves and trusted I could easily adjust my schedule without inconveniencing others. And guess what? It all flowed smoothly! I had an amazing opportunity to do some deep healing, spend nourishing time in nature, visited a new part of the world, connected to an amazing community of women and had my schedule organized perfectly for when I returned.

This experience allowed me to feel what saying yes to myself feels like on a completely different level. I allowed myself to receive this gift and opportunity instead of letting guilt or the logical shoulds of life keep me in my ordered lane of life.

Where in your life is calling for a YES? Where have you been restricting yourself or holding yourself back? If you were to say yes, what would be different in your life? Celebrate with me here.